Reem Albalushi

the best government system

Everything in the world must to follow the rule . We cannot live in regular if any of the world system broke or has error, everything around us will be disorganized and mixed. Imagine if you wake up one and you find that the sun should rise on 6:00 am, and it is almost 9:30 am . The darkness is still present, and it is the time to go to your work. Do you think does it is make sense to you?

So about that there is which we call in government in each country to organize the life system in communities in the world. I think the best government system is political system. Because the politics is the head of everything in the country and the world. It is the power of almost everything in the world. It can include the education, the health, the commerce and all the systems in the country. And all these systems depends on the political system. However if it is work and guide the country regulation, there will be no troubles and for that the country can provide everything successful for nation, for that everyone will live in peace and happy. Everyone obey the rule and nothing cause problems. Also if there is good and useful politics system the education will rise, so about that the country will produce many useful people can create a thoughtful community. And that all will get benefits for all society.

after ten years

Everyone in the world has special dream wants to achieve it. It is distinctive moment when the person feel that he/she fulfill their goals . It is the moment that person forgets all the tiredness and the weariness during his/or her life, and starts to look forward to their new life and new dream.

I always ask myself what I will do during ten year, and what are  my goals that I want to achieve . I already have plan with many goals that I want to achieve during my whole life in my mind some of them I already done with them, but still I did not achieve all of them yet . No one  know what will happen  after ten years, but it is good to put prediction about your life and also about your future. My first goal is to prove  myself and prove to  the society that I am successful and I can  take responsibility.  After ten year I want to be in (UK) united kingdom, and work in the Embassy Of  Sultante  of Oman, living with my family and live in prosperous life, no need to suffer or feel sad about anything.

I know it is very easy to imagine, but it is difficult to work hard and implement your imagination. For my plan after ten years I divided my life in two sections. Studying and working , for the first five years I will try to do my best and graduate from the university, at the same time I will try to save money as possible as I can. After I graduate I will back to my country, Oman and I will stay their for couple years and work their in my major field to get good experiment . After that I want to work in (UK) and stay their for many years. Not only in (UK) but also I want to work in many other country around the world , my goal at that time is to help the world and make the human live in peace .



what I think about blog

At first I was wondering and asking myself what does Blog mean , but now I am totally know what is blog .

Blog is a website that people can publish anything they want to write about . well I was not that much happy about blog I was thinking it will be boring and nothing interesting in it , it is just like an assignment and we have to post it on Friday midnight and it should has about 200 words!

But what recognized that blogs it is not just assignment it is an important thing that I have to do and to share what I did or what happened with me in my life . It is really helpful for improving the writing skills every single day you will learn new word and write it in your blog in that case you will learn more and also teach who is reading your blog if he/she did not have an idea about it before .

In addition it is interesting to read what the other students write in their blog and that what my friend do hhh . I do not know if it is that much interesting but me I do not think that I will read about all the students .

I think it will be better to let student in blue A and B write in blog . It will help them even if they write simple sentences level after level they will see the improvement in their writing . Blog is very popular and interesting website and I am enjoying share anything I want here .

wonderful time with friends

To live in your world happy , you should make friends . This is one of the rules that will make you smiling and gleeful . I know that not all the friends will make you happy but you have to choose the best friends that they will not hurt you or do not asking about you . last weekend I met one of my best friend that it met in Morgantown

Her name is Maria , she from Spain , she called me to see her before she will back to her home town . I was not that much happy because we did not meet or speak a lot in the last time , but I am so happy to her because she will meet her family and her friends I am sure that she will have a wonderful time with them . I know that I miss the second member of my best friend here . This summer me and my other friends we miss four of our members group , but what is good is that they will come back again next semester .

Actually I accepted the meeting . It was on Saturday in blue moose café in the high street , we had great time most of friends were there . We talked and laughed about the funny things that happened for us during the semester , we took photos . we all wish at that moment our other friends were with us . We always keep saying that they are with us in our table hhh it is really great moment . The time was running and it was the time for farewell and say good bye . I really will miss her and I wish to her to have nice summer .

After we say good bye to her , we decided to go to the river . we went there and we had fun , the weather was sunny and hot , some of friends were joking and the other were singing and dancing . then we walked along the river . when we felt tiered we thought to eat something , and we went to a restaurant . I did not order anything because I was waiting for my other friend s because we decided to have a dinner together . When they came I excused the group and I went with my friends Hiba , shikhah , amira , and reem . we went back to the river and while we were walking we met our communication’s teacher . we tried new Lebanon restaurant . when the time come more darker we back to our apartment , we sit near the swimming pool and we talked in many different topics . After that we decided to complete talking inside because the weather was cold little bit .

Finely it is my time to sleep , I was happy that day I met my friends and I had a lots of fun together , and I knew that friends can make you feel happy and sad . I am very glad that we are like one family . they are really my best friends , this was my last weekend .

the best experience i have ever had

I will write to you what happened to me in my first month in Morgantown. I cannot forget the day when I broke my arm !! opps yes it is very painful . the story started on February eighteenth . I remember before I broke my arm . me and my friends were preparing for my friend’s birthday. We surprised her in her 18th birthday .we ate cakes ,we laughed , we danced , we took photos and a lot of things. That was our real party in United state . after that night we have to woke up early because we have classes in IEP .

Here is the beginning of the story in the morning I woke up little bit late . I was in hurry to ride the shuttle . while I was walking to the bus stop , suddenly I slipped on the ice!! I did not recognize what happened first I thought that I just fell down I did not expect that I will fell down because I was walking carefully . when I stand up I could not move my arm it is really painful . I back home my leg was hurt me little bit and my right arm too. The first thing that I did is I took a picture of my home works and sent them to my instructors In case I did not come to class . hhh I know it is little bit funny my tears was falling from the pain and I was trying to send the home works . actually I was thinking to attend the class I did not know that the pain because I broke my arm .

I called my friend to take me to the hospital but before I went. I call the embassy because I did not receive my insurance yet . I was ached and hurt but I always keep saying that I have to be strong. No one was with me at that moment so I have to auto control myself I went to the hospital and I stayed there for six to seven hours . I was suffering from the pain but what should I do . the things that make me strong is my friends who phoned me and asked about me . I will never forgot what they did for me and I am very thanks for them . my mom became sad about me she and my dad were thinking and worried about me but I always keep saying that I am fine and everything is good so far.

I put on a cast for three months and now I feel that am free . I do not need to put it but some time I have to put it my arm did not recovered 100% . and for lucky I have one more appointment this Monday and I wish to be the last . This is my first story that I will not forget it in my life from it I hate the snow but I still love it. It is good experience for me and now I know is is the people feel when the broke their arms of legs or anything else.