Bandar Al Hajri

What make government a good government

I think the best government system is democratic for now. Because it give the citizen the right to vote and choose who he want to be the president. Also it give a lot of freedom to the people who live in the country. The media in a democratic country have given the freedom to write, say and publish whatever they want. But, even that democratic system is the best in the world until now. I do not feel it is the right one. Because democratic governments still have problems such like wars, economic problems and health. And I think the secret of a good government system is not the system it is about the person who become a president, governor or a king. This is the secret, we can see people who live in a democratic country have a good life but also we can see people who live in a royal country have a batter life than the people who live in a democratic country. If the right person become a president or a king, he or she will be the reason which will make the people live a good life. Home, job and free health that what make the government a good government people do not want to vote for choosing a president, they just want home, job and health, free or with insures.

Where I will be in ten years ?

It is a hard question to answer actually. Because no know what or where he will be. But we can try and work hard to be what we want to be. I want to be chemical engineering and work in Aramco Company it is one of the biggest companies in Middle East and the largest one in Saudi Arabia. In ten years I do not want to be a normal engineer I want to be a department chief. This is what I want to be in ten years. Now I am at the first steps I am still learning English, fall 2014 will be my last semester in in the English program. Spring 2015 will be my first semester in WVU at this time the hard work start. Because in the university there will a lot of hard work like projects, writing essays and researches, tests and presentations harder than what I had in English program. I will work hard to get A in the all classes; I will do my best and push myself to the limits. Because after this hard work I will be resting for whole my life. Aramco Company always wants the best. I need my grade to be at less 3.5 out of 4 and to get 3.5 and above I need to work hard. It is all about working hard, everyone should work hard to get what he want

My Reflection about the blog

I think writing in this blog had been helping me a lot. It improved my writing skills. Writing in the blog it’s very different than writing in paper. The different that I see are. I have more freedom I don’t know why. I can type and that much faster than writing with my hand. The typing is also easier than using my hand I feel more comfortable with typing. It take time to write in the blog. Even if writing in the blog helpful for me and really easy. There are some difficult I face it when I writ in the blog. The first thing I find it hard is the due time.
The due time is always on Friday. I have like ten hours to do it on time. It always take me one hour maybe more or less to writ and publish in the blog. The problem not here. The problem is all my friend having fun while I am writing in the blog. Friday fun goes if I have blog assignment. The second thing and last. Is no help from the website on fixing my spelling. What it’s make not helpful. That is my reflection about the blog. Maybe other students don’t agree with me or maybe they agree.

My summer in Morgantown Two

Hello, My Summer in Morgantown getting bettar. I had a lot of fun last weekend. I finished my all my homework, then I decided to have fun for the rest of weekend. I Played volleyball with my friends. The game was amazing. We were 12 and we divid ourself to two teems six in each team. My team name was safety first and the other team name was friends of nature. It was funny names but the meaning of my team name is the player safety first we do not want to get you injured so becareful. The meaning of the other team name was to leave the play ground clean and good for play and throw water bottles after we finish. The game start and the other team was pushing so hard, then we ask for time out. The result was 9-17 we were late 8 goals. One of my frined suggest that we should change our places. We did what he say the front players changed positions with the back players. Then everything change now the result is 21-22 four goals to win. We pushed more hard and the joy of winning was unbelivable a great feeling. Volleyball now is one of the things that I should play it every weekend to have fun in the summer.

My Summer In Morgantown

Hello, this is my first summer in Morgantown also it is the first summer I heve been studying in it. Until now it seem that there are a lot of work and study to do. I feel it is heavy on me I donot know why. Maybe because it is the first I heve been stuyding in it. I donot have a lot of free time every day. The most of my day go with studying and sleeping. I think the solution is organiz my time and do a weekly schedoule. A weekly schedule in the summer will give a lot of free time to spend where ever I want. I will spend my free time working out in the gym and going out with my friends to have fun. For studying I will focus more and do my best. The homeworks and projects now are more difficult. And that what make it exciting and fun. The homeworks and studying worth the time I spend for it. Because my English are improving also I feel happy each time I finished one. But I still feel it is heavy on me. I think I need more fun in the summer. And that fun will come with PS4 (Play Station Four) I am going to buy one this week or next one. In the end I think it is going to be a great experience to have summer mixed with fun and studying.