Eyad Alhalabi

Government systems

In my opinion Democracy is the best type of government. What does democracy mean?  Why it’s the best type of government? And what are the advantages to democracy? First of all, there seems to be a great confusion what the word Democracy means. In spite of the fact that at least in some parts of the world one can hear it from the media every day. In the dictionary definition, democracy “is government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.” In the phrase of Abraham Lincoln, democracy is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” That means that all the people should be able to have their say in one way another in everything that affects their lives. So that includes the freedom of speech. The citizens can demand what does they need, express their feeling without any Constraint or limit and refuse against anything they consider it is wrong in the government without any punishment or bothering. And all people are equal before the law. So everyone has his dignity and no one can take it away from him. Finally, in my view point there is no other alternative form of government better than a democracy.

10 year plan

Hi! I’m Eyad  Alhalabi, I’m from Syria, I’m nineteen years old. I hope after ten years to be the most important mechanical engineer in the UAE and have a company with hundreds of employees working with me, and become a rich man. I’m going to talk about my plan during those ten years. I graduated from high school with very good grades. It was very hard, I strived towards success. Now I’m in the USA because it’s hard and dangerous to complete my studying in my country, because of the war.  I have been here in USA for about six months to improve my English and get into WVU. My major will be mechanical engineering. I’m going to study for five years in WVU, after that I will study business for two years. Then I will search for a job in America to improve my experience and get training to work in a company. So I will study In USA for nearly seven years. Then I will travel to the UAE and apply for a job in any company. If I expect a company to accept me, I have to have a lot of experience and speak at least two languages, and be perfect in my major. Meaning, I have to work before, so I don’t want to be a junior engineer. I will work for about two more years. After that I’m going to get married and after one year I want to have two children. I will still work until I get enough of experience so that I can open my own company and hire many employees. In addition, after ten years I want to work with trade alongside my work in engineering. For example import and export wood or gold or anything other goods.

My opinion and feeling about the blog assignment

Hi! I’m Eyad, I’m in IEP and I have five main classes one of them is writing. In this class our instructor is Drake Asberry, he gives us a lot of homework, many assignments and each Friday we have blog assignment. I feel it’s a good idea even if it’s on weekend and hard to do it before specific time especially because usually we don’t study on Friday just we have fun on the first day in weekend. I think it’s useful for us to improve our vocabulary in English and give you a chance to express your feeling and what’s happen during your days. And it’s improved our writing so you can know your faults in spelling, grammar, and vocabulary and correct everything by check what Drake wrote comments in your blog.  Maybe it’s not helpful like what we learn in class about how you write essay learn what is theses statement, how to write body paragraph and conclusion so maybe it’s more formal especially because when we write a blog we don’t follow  specific rules it’s just like paragraph, of course we need topic sentence, body and conclusion. Finally I think writing class is one of the most important classes in IEP, and we learn a lot in it, and the blog assignment is useful even if the time that we have to submit it is annoying a little bit and it’s a good idea, I Congratulate Drake, he was succeeded in this class and he has a lot of information about it.

IEP in Morgantown

IEP(Intensive English Program) at WVU in Morgantown is a very good program to learn English language. I get into IEP for five months ago, I was in blue B level and I jumped to next level in this summer because I get extra classes, I’m now in gold A level. There are five levels the first one is green after that blue A, blue B, gold A and the last one is gold B. So you have to do exam before you get into the program to Identifies your level.  Actually it’s hard a little bit especially in summer because we don’t have a lot of time. There is four main classes, writing, reading, grammar, and communication skills. In addition you can choice tow elective classes; you have a lot of options. For examples I registered to critical thinking and TOEFL and last semester I get technology and hand writing. You can see a lot of students from different countries such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, china, japan, Korea, Spain, Brazil and Russia etc. There is a lot of activity, trips and watch movie and you can see some of activity in your homework as do presentation about something like what I did last semester in my technology class about My favorite three places in Morgantown it was funny and interesting with my instructor Drake. And games in class their purpose to enjoy with learn English. You can also communicate with people from different countries and know their culture, their opinion and their habits. You can get conversation partner too, American student to improve your talking in English but unfortunately I had bad luck I didn’t get one because there was a lot of student in IEP submit to this program and fewer of American student. Finally Intensive English Program is really a good to learn English; they help you to get into West Virginia University as fast as possible to study your major.

Boring summer in Morgantown

Morgantown is a beautiful town in West Virginia. I have been here for four months, I finished my high school in Syria and I studied a half year in Damascus’s university after that I decided to travel to another country to complete studying my major which is Mechanical Engineering, According to the bad events that are happening in Syria, at the same time to improve my English language. Therefore I came here to Morgantown. I got into the IEP and I registered to full summer class. because I want finish studying English and get into the university as fast as possible. Actually the summer in Morgantown is boring because no more students, most of the students travel to another country. If you go to the  Mountain lair you can see it being empty and it closes early, no more people in the rec center. Actually no more people even in the street. Despite this I went to Cooper rocks with my cousins and my uncle, it was amazing we wandered between the rocks, you can see big holes and a lot of trees. the most astonishing thing was the view from the highest point in cooper rocks it’s green land because there is thousands of trees. And i went to many restaurants but actually the best one is Jasmine restaurant. It’s a Syrian’s restaurant it has very delicious food. usually I go to gym (rec center) every Friday and Saturday, my classes in the summer is really difficult specially because we don’t have a lot of time so it has to be more in intensively. we didn’t finish the summer yet, I hope the coming days are better and more funny. I worry now about my studying actually I don’t care more about enjoying my self, I have to be a more responsible person.IMG-20140513-WA0112Cooper rocks