Khalid Abualjaish

The Half Goat Man

Before eight years ago. Me and my family went to the dessert for the spring. We stayed there for three months. We built a tent near or camels. The nearest civilization was about 70 kilos. One night, me and my father and brothers and cousins were in the tent. A man came in, we sat him down and offered coffee and tee. That is one of our traditions When a guest comes in our home. While I was giving him coffee, I noticed the man doesn’t talk much, even if he talks he will say one word. I guessed that he was a non social guy. Then my father told me and my cousin to slaughter one of the sheep and cook it whole with rice. We call it (Mfdh), it is a tradition when you have a guest, You must serve him a feast. Then we cooked the meal and bring it to the tent. While the man was eating we noticed that his legs looked funny, but we could not be sure. When the man finished and stood up. His legs were a goat legs. We didn’t say anything, thus nobody will be scared. We were certain that  his legs were goat legs. When he came out he didn’t return. We know he was a ghost or a demand.  But my father didn’t believe us. It is known that the place we were staying is full of Ghosts.

The Outlaw of Cellphones

In 2005 cellphones were outlawed. People went crazy, they tried to protest. But it didn’t work. Around the first  years people didn’t know what to do. It became hard to contact anyone and if you wanted to call somebody you needed a payphone or a ground phone. After a few years people started to cope with it.  I believe it was a magnificent law. People started to gather around more often. When you are sitting with your friends, everyone pays attention to each other. People went to parks and got out more then before. Life became better than ever. The only people who had cell phones were Kings or presidents. The only used it because of  the distance between countries. The cellphones were sold in the black market. But it was so expensive that only billionaires can buy it. The penalty of owning a cellphone was life in prison. About in 2017 there were rumors about the cellphones, it said it will be allowable to own and use cellphones. In 2019 there was a vote about using cellphones again. Most of the people voted no. And it was canceled. People said they got use to life without cellphones and they see life without cellphones is more healthier.

Family Matters

My believe that parents should be overprotective with their kids, and I think that doesn’t effect their responsibility. It is never okay to give in to kids demands in order to keep the peace. Parents should always include their children’s in their decision -making. Parents should use physical punishment to discipline their children. It keeps them to not become troublemakers. Also teens should always have to obey their parents.They should never say no, because if they do that will be rude. Teens always need to help around the house. Teens are not mature enough to make their own decisions. They should always ask for permission for everything. Teenagers have a right to privacy. They should not  tell their parents about things they do except if they do something bad. Teens should always have  to respect their parents. When I am a parent I think I will be a strict parent, because my father was strict to me.

Eid Alftr

Eid Alftr, it is my favorite holiday.  It comes after the month Ramdan, its usually in July. In Ramdan we fast the whole month. After the last day of Ramdan comes Eid Alftr. People are happy and joyful, it lasts three days.I will tell you what we do in Eid. First in the morning every one wears new cloths and go to pray outdoor. When they are finished every one greets each other. Then they go visiting their family and friends. You get to see every one you now that day. The seniors have a tradition that is to give little kids money, it is not much but just to let them feel happy in Eid.  At lunch every family gets together and have a feast, it is a full lamp with rice and some meals in the side. In the afternoon some of us teenagers go to the dessert and have some fun. We usually get together and start to drift and we don’t stop until we blow the two rear tires. You can see every one has washed their cars and pimp their rides. Every one usually have nick names and they have their nick names on a big sticker on their car with their tribe name or number.At night we usually get to gather to celebrate.  Every one has their own way. We usually have poets and do a tradition dance with the poets. It is a great holiday. My recommendation is that you should try it. It comes only once a year.

Eid1 celebration at night.


Eid 2 seniors giving money to children.


eid 3 praying in the morning.


eid 4 celebrations at the night.


eid 5 getting ready to drift.

Mini Me

Mini Me, its a robot that does everything for you! And you give it a name and it comes to you.

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The Best News I ever Received

There are a lot of great news I have received, to choose one is very hard. But there is one that made me glad, it was when my high school principal told me I graduated. It was the best news I ever received. Because I had a bad time in my senior year. In my last semester my uncle had a bad accident, he was in the hospital for three months. He had his ribs broken and blows in his head, he also broke his thigh and he had amnesia. He was in a bad condition. My uncle had his accident in Saudi Arabia, but he wasn’t a Saudi, he was from Kuwait. Thus my other uncles could not stay with him, they had jobs back home and their managers refused to give them a vacation. Because they all took their vacations that year. Thus I stayed with my uncle the whole time. I skipped a lot of days, thus it made my grade go down. When my uncle came out of the hospital and he was okay and got his memory back. I came back to school. There were a lot of classes I was failing, but I came back strong. I went to my teachers and explained my situation and they tried to help me. They gave me a lot of extra credit and made me do most of my exams again. When the year came over, I was scared I wouldn’t pass. But what made me surprised and thankful was the principal told me I passed and can join the ceremony tomorrow. That was one of the greatest days of my life.

Khalid AbuAljaish

My Zodiac

            I was born on 1994, thus it means my animal sign is a dog. The dogs personality says honest, caring, and modest. You are always there for your friends. You may at times seem cold and unfriendly to people who do not know you. My personality is as same as the prediction. But I dont agree with the Zodiac. I think it is a random pick about personalities. The dog in my country is a filthy animal. We only use it for protection only, like farms and homes. I would never have a dog for a pet. I believe it is a irritating animal. The dog is adorable, affectionate, low maintence, and loyal. But it is still aggressive, destructive, filthy, and mean sometimes.

Junk Food Tax

      I found out that obesity is one of the biggest issues in our country. The reason is that children eat fast food. Junk food is  unhealthy and causes many diasees. I beileve the goverment should impose a tax on it. Children are going in and out of hospitals each day. The cost of the hospital is noy cheap, can say shocking. It is taking some families whole pay check. More then 75% said by (Kris Gunnars,2013). I also found the lack of exercise in schools. Children stay at school for more than 7 hours if they do not move between those hours, when will they move.Junk Food and no exercise will make you lazy. Said by (Kimberly Gillan, 2014). Our children are getting fatter by the day. Starting from now, get rid of Junk Food in your house; pay more attention on your kids diet. Go outside with your child and play a game.

Comparison between Turki and Khalid

Hello everyone..

we will talk about our fashion and what’s the differences and similarities between us , therefore we will start with the similarities then the differences.

First of all, we don’t like to wear formal clothes except in occasions , we prefer casual clothes because it’s make us feel comfortable , and we can do anything , such as walking or running we can do what we want to do without any fear or careful about our clothes , when we said casual we meant pants and shirt and sport shoes. And also we would like to wear sunglass and shorts , we don’t like show off ,we wear what we like not what others like.



Dear Gold A Teachers:

I am I student ,for the past month and I have some issues with the brake between the classes,It is Impossible to get to the other class in ten minutes without running.My other problem is with putting more then two tests per day,That is unacceptable for me.I am trying to do my best,but sometimes it is just out of my hand.

Could you please change the brake to fifteen minutes,at least considerate it.What about the tests,could you please rethink about it.

Best Regards,

Khalid Abu Aljaish