Hiba Al Harthi

My point of view about Blogs

To me, writing blogs is amazing. It helped me a lot to improve my writing skills and watchinng my gramatical mistakes wisely. However, I think the topics are little bit easy for Gold A therefore, I think if you gave us more difficult topics to write about will be much better for me and for all the students. In addition, I think if the blogs thought was  done for all the levels like Blue A, Blue B, Gold A, and Gold B will be good but each level should have an appropriate standard such as ease, mediam, and hard to improve our writing by stages.

However, I love to express my feelings by writing it more than say it because of that i loved the blog idea. It helps me to say my opinion as I want by writing it here and share it with all students and teachers. Moreover, by this idea I think everyone had benefited because each student will write  about something different or will express their feelings differently so everyone will read each other blogs and learn something that he didn’t know about his partner or will learn about the topic it self if he wasn’t know about it or was curious to know about the person’s opinion about the topic.

So yes, I really enjoy writing blogs for writing class and communication skills class also.

Last Spring Break Holiday to Michigan

My last spring break was an awesome holiday that we spent it in Michigan. I will tell you the whole story from the beginning. At first, we booked our ticket online with Mega bus. After that, one of our friends drove us to Pittsburgh to spend one night there and on the next morning we will go to Michigan. After we arrived in Pittsburgh, we booked in an amazing hotel to stay in it for one night. Then, we entered our room, put our stuff, and went out to explore Pittsburgh downtown. It was so wonderful place I really loved it. Then on the second morning we entered the bus and took a seat to stay. On our way we met a little child, she was so happy to meet us and she stayed with us the whole time like seven hours. After we arrived to Detroit, Michigan we stayed in our friend apartment for 5 days and it was the best spring break ever! We visited there their downtown and it was so big I felt like I am in New York City. Then we saw the river that which is between Canada and Detroit! Then we went to eat to a Lebanese restaurant and I liked their dishes a lot, we ate so many dishes. For instance, kebbah, Tabola, Chicken, and kabab..etc. After that, we went to Dearborn and this place considered as the huge place for Arabs. All in all, we had a lot of fun there. Then we came back to our place Morgantown.

My Best Moment In Morgantown ;-)

I’ll write about the best moment that happened to me in Morgantown, WV.

On Wednesday 28th, me and my friends were out from our classes heading to Dollar Store to by a flash cards for Vocabulary class. After we finished buying them, when I opened the door to get out, I saw a heavy rain out side! so I return back to Dollar store to warn my friends about the heavy rain, ” Oh My God! I think we should buy a sandals to wear it.” One of the girls said. After a moment we bought the sandals and wear it. Finally! we decided to go out and trying to catch our shuttle  in Life Science Building. so we were running fast, then fortunately we arrived but we were so wet and our clothes damaged.

All in all, we really had fun on the rain and I hope it going to return soon 😉