Ali Ali Jasem

my impression about the blog

In my opinion I think that the blog assignment was very useful and exciting for me. The blog assignment not only improves my writing but also help me find my mistakes. It helps me to improve my skills in writing comprehension and be able to write connected ideas. Also the blog has qualities that allow us to make corrections and revisions as they see it fit. Therefore I made many mistakes in my first drift but I keep in my mind the instruction and I try to improve my writing. Also the blog assignment allows us to put pictures, which help us to convey the idea in a clear way. Therefor I like something about the blog that every person can write a comment in other person page. Also I can see my classmates paragraph, learn about their experiences try to avoid the mistakes they did. There are many things I learned about my writing one of it that I did not use the transition word in a correct way. Finally I have really enjoyed reading the blogs and response to the other students’ blog. Also the assignment made a huge improvement in my skills in writing a connected paragraph.

my experience in philadelphia

hello every one today I am going to talk about my second experience in the US. In the last spring break i visit Philadelphia with my friends to spent our vacation there and to meet up with some old friends. first of all we went there by car about five hours and we stopped in some station to take rest and eat some snacks. when we reached philly the  first thing we did it book a hotel because we were very tired. In the second day we meet our friends  and I meet a friend that i did not see him for three years. We visit Philadelphia museum of art and we did a lot of activities there such as seeing a live art performance and watched some films. Also we went to rocky steps and we saw many people running up the steps and taking a picture at the top of stairs.  after that i went to my friend to his  apartment and spent the night with him and i was very happy to see him again. In the third day which is the last day to me in philly we went to some coffee shops and we ate in delicious Arabic restaurant. It was a very wonderful experience and i hope i will do it again.

my experience in orlando

One week ago i had a wonderful experience in Orlando. I spent the vacation with my friends there and it was amazing. Also we went there for another purpose, it was the soccer tournament that the Kuwaiti students made. We travelled to their by car it took 13 hours to get to Orlando. While we were on the road we stopped in a lot of gas stations for water and other snacks. However we had some food and beverages with us from home, because we knew that road would take hours and we will get hungry and thirsty eventually.

When we arrived their i was amazed by the view and roads, because it is a lot different than what i see in Morgantown. It was beautiful and it had a lot of places to go to, and we first thought of a place to eat in. My friends in the car every single one of them had a place that he wanted at the end we went to a halal meat restaurant.

Second day was the tournament day and we had to wake up early and be there to see who are we playing with. The team we had to play with was one of the best teams and it was difficult to beat them. Still we played good and hard and at the end we finished in the second place.

Finally, this was a good experience and i did a lot more than what i have wrote. I got to know new friends who study in the U.S.A and from Kuwait.