Mustafa Aljedhar

government system

Firs of all, government system is one of the most important thing that country must has for organize it and make fair. In my opinion’ the best system for all country is democratic. Because this system is the most fair one comparing with others. secondly, this system gives the right of the citizens to be a president for the country and say what ever they whatever they with complete freedom. Also, if the system of the country is democratic people in this country will get a big chance to get job and student will be happy because they will have a chance to complete their studies in their country without needing to travel to complete their studies. Thirdly, the president can not be a president for country for more than 8 years and can not steal the money from the country because every thing is clear and citizens can fire him if they do not like him for any strong reason. All in all, this not reduce the other systems but when we compare we will find how this system is fair and gives the citizens their rights in correct way by giving them a chance  to choose their president , get a job and get their rights in correct way.

10 years plan

first of all, one day when i was sitting with myself and think about my life i thought about am i in a right way. so, i asked myself several questions and i put plan for myself. In that day i said to myself that i will be a successful person and i will have my own life. Therefor, i decided to be married after 5 years from now because i think after 5 years i will be in perfect age to married. Not just for my own life but also i thought about my children after i become married for that i thought to have a strong job in one of the biggest company in the Saudi Arabia and have a high salary. For all of that i decided when i become 27 years old that’s ten years from now to complete my study  in USA to get a degree higher than that i have on that time because i found USA as perfect country to live in. But the main reason that will make live in USA is my children because i do not want them to be like their father and become weak in english because it is the most important language to study so when i live in USA and make them study in school with young age i think they will become as good as native speakers for this global language.

what are your feelings about blog assignment

First of all ,  blog assignment is one of the most important thing in our class . Blog assignment is interesting idea for students especially it comes by their own idea. Therefore , that help them a lot for expressing their opinion so that help them to open their mind too and start thinking . Not just to make them thinking but also that’s improve their writing so much by writing every week . Thus , make them take care of their spelling , grammar and even the way they chose to write . By writing weekly naturally, students become better in way to fix any errors in their writing  whether is it hard error or even easy . About me , in the beginning when teacher said you have to write 200 words  i can’t hide this i said to myself how i will write this what should i do .But now after writing weekly in this blog i can organize my ideas very well and write even more than 200 word . Indeed , blog assignment really helpful  to improve writing skills such as fixing error especially for students in gold A level. I believe they must do not do basically mistakes and this assignment by writing week after week will help them to be good writers  and avoid mistakes . 


since the movie became a lot of people like it and even they can’t imagine their life with out it. not just for fun but also movies have al lot of benefits such as learn a second language , very funny  and it has more than 5 kinds .About myself i really enjoy watch movie not just for fun it’s right it make me enjoy my time and happy but because i’m learning english as second language therefore when i watch a movie i always learn new vocabulary. Prior to movie became very modern there’re a lot of cinema in the whole world. Not just the quality and Graphics but also the Technique. As an example, if you watch the movie in simple way it’s really amazing but if you watch it in 3d  you’ll feel like you are inside the film .So far, they’re planning for 4d Technique i think it will be very amazing and very interesting. Let me tell what i learn from movies in fact, i learned a lot of things from english but i think the most important thing is learn a lot of vocabulary and if you watch a movie your ear used to how to listen to english especially in American because it takes a lot of time to know the meaning very will . All on all,movies one of the most interesting thing   in this world and i can’t live with out it .

my summer in morgantown

First of all, this my first summer here in morgantown i preferred to take classes because i want to move to university after fall season. Also , before i take classes in the summer some of my friends were   scaring me and told me summer in morgantown is horrible you have to don’t take classes on it but i was preferring to take classes because that’s what i want and my father wants too. I started take classes in summer and i was very exited because especially in this summer challenged myself to improve my english put this idea in my mind so i started to watch movie without translate to arabic but really that helped me a lot. After one week Since we started summer classes we had a long weekend include monday with it and without thinking about the trip that we had my friend told let’s go to new york i told yeah let’s do. We went to new york we had a lat of fun there visited statute of  liberty , shopping in time square and had a relaxation in the beach. After that we came back to morgantown and started taking classes again until now and everything become good until today morning when i was in my way to IEP i had an accident but it wasn’t strong i arrived to IEP and took my classes last class was the writing class i learned something important that how i write thesis statement for the whole essay. All on all , morgantown very beautiful in the summer but really it’s milestone of students because most of them don’t take summer classes and move to other place during the summer but morgantown still morgantown. Whatever, in any season during the year.