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moathe aljeri/ goverment system

In the begging would like to show how people died for their rights .Throughout centuries people have suffered and struggled for their freedom .everyone was just obey the orders without any kind of opposition .presidents were ignoring the people opinions about any things .Even though, If they have a good solution for many problems .May be that will be good for the country in order to improve .In addition , from my view this is kind of disrespectful for people ,and they kept their ability away from the stage .so the perfect government system to contain all these opinions and ideas ,and to give the people all their rights In life , is the state of being under something called democracy .democracy is to give the whole right for people to do whatever they want as long as they will not cross other people rights and not to harm these things in yourself ( brain _ money_ body). IT is almost everywhere no one can deny it .Many countries adopt this kind of system selectively and consciously .some countries adopt other type of system it depend on many things .But every country has her own way to treat her people and I think everyone noticed how democracy is extended .In the end of this article ,what is your chose for government system

moathe aljeri

hi everyone for those who are new in the class
my name is Moathe from Kuwait, and one of the things that I loved to do is making new friends.

My job is such a topic that I have been thinking about it since I was 10 years old. I can tell you that almost every 3 years I choose new job for me. It is really hard to choose your future and what will you be. But now I can see my future more clear and obvious . I decided to apply for petroleum engineering, and talking about my plan for 10 years and how I want to get there. this thing had took form me long time too just to decide what and how .The reason why it took from me long time, because it is matter of my future and what am I going to be, and if I am willing to do it or not .I decided to start my own business ,but of course after I get my job and get good position in life. To make this thing my reality I started to work hard and take every single step very seriously .After I finish my major I will work on my business. I know it will never be easy to do ,life is not easy to deal with, but I have to be ready for it .

Moathe Aljeri (blog)

Hi everyone
Talking about blog assignments from my point of view it was useful .In the other hind it was kind of strange to me . First of all , I will talk about the benefits of it and for anyone who write something .Of course when you write about something from your experience or about anything you will face some words that you need it for your paragraphs . And as state of language learner that will be very helpful and useful for your English .In addition ,you will find more than just words ,you will find some new ideas and thoughts that may help you in the future .I found these kind of benefits in me indeed and I like this way of learning . but what I felt form the first time I had this blog I was like “why …why …all that” .the idea of using internet to show your teacher your writing was too strange for me, not only in writing class but also I have these kind of strange idea to show your teacher your assignments in other class’s .by the time , my teacher told me that in the university they always do their home works like that .Then I see it more useful to me if I want to attend to the university and I noticed it will be kind steps to me until I get used to it .As we know in this kind of process we will find many things that seems hard but it is not until we used to it “It’s always seems impossible until it’s done .

moathe aljeri (the trip)

Last year,my father was reading the newspaper and he saw advertising of trip to Spain .the trip will  be in at spring vacation with grope of families.My father talked to me about that and I did not like the idea ,and he and my mother tried to convince me but at that time I was unconvinceable .By the time, when it was just week before the trip my mother told me that you are with us.I was so mad that time until I got in the plane .After period of time, I saw the beauty of Spain , it was so beautiful and outstanding .I had good time their . In Spain they have many historic buildings and places ,and I am still do not know how my feelings changed from madness  to happiness . they have views that take out of your mind .I have been their for three weeks with nice group and perfect tour guide .In Spain they had one of the most Incredible palace in the world it called (red palace) ,in his days no army could entered from his gates and even reached it ,it was unbeatable . I will advice everyone if he or she interested in history to travel to Spain ,and their is more and more things to see . I thank my parents for this experience and for you to read it .

MOATHE ALJERI ( Summer in Morgantown )

In Beginning of summer holiday in Morgantown, I thought that I have to make schedule to make discipline in my time ,I used to that in my country for years .My parent told me to do that before the beginning of any vacation .in order to improve myself and use my time wisely .It takes from me more time to used to it maybe 3 years just to accept that idea , cause I was child when my parent tried to convince me .I did it by the way .here is the activity that I did .

First of all ,I was going to gym at least 4 times per week , and I was burning sweating like crazy, and do not know why I like working out maybe because it’s take the negative energy from me away .”no pain no gain” that is one of the things that makes me keep going even though I know that is long process .beside that I was reading and practicing my English for whole vacation and that was worth it and thanks to god.

Secondly ,my schedule was really poor of entertainment part and I was kind of over series with myself .Maybe I played once or twice in my laptop .so I decided to make some changes and give some times to play and be happy ,I went out with my best friends here in Morgantown bunch of times ,and I had so much fun with them .I would like to say something from my point of view over Morgantown , it is place where you could study and focus in your research or ……etc .Morgantown is not place for fun or for shopping or even place to visit as tourist .
In the end ,I would like to say something I learned here “simplicity is always good just be the way you are and respect who respect you and respect yourself if someone insult you. be strong in yourself until the end of your days”. My teacher in my country told me something I take it as motivation “walk don’t talk, talk never joke”.