Salman Al Khaldi

democracy is the best government system that i like because it’s a system that have justice and freedom. You have the right to vote for the one you like and you have the right to say what you think about government and how does it works. in my opinion democracy will give everyone their rights and also things about economy and military orders will shown to everyone. Other government systems don’t give any of these things. Here in USA they apply democracy and they have the right to vote to choose their president like Obama and Bush. Here in USA they can protest what they don’t like and can change it. Back home we have a kingdom government system i don’t like that way because sometimes the king will be good but his son won’t be like him and will have some corporation and won’t like his father and thats what happening in some countries. Also when the country follow kingdom government system some of the princes there use the power of their word for there own good by scaring people and letting them do what they want. Doing that is very bad and awful for the country and the community.

10 years plan

After 10 years i want become a surgery doctor so i can help who are in pain and who does suffer. My uncle is a doctor and when i was 7 years old he used to take me with him to the hospital. I was enjoying my time there every time. Seeing doctors treating people and patients make me happy. I really understood the meaning of a noble job. When you help a human and treat what he suffer from will make him happy and will make you also. In my school every time a teacher ask us what do you want to be when you get older, i always answer first saying i want to be a doctor. Everyone in my class knew and sometimes teacher call me doctor after they saw the spirt i have for being a doctor. One of my best teacher told some words i won’t forget in my whole life, he told ” follow your dream don’t ever think to give up and always keep in mind that you are going to work a very noble job and the way for getting there is to study and understand what you are studying” i will always remember these words and i know how to get there by studying and by not giving up. Being a doctor will be a hard thing but following a dream will be something interesting to do and helping people and making them happy will a good job for you and for your community.

Blog Reflections

The blog assignment really help me to thinking also to improve my language, vocabulary also a spelling. The blog make me use a computer a lot and make me rady to use it when i study in the university. before i use a blog maybe 2 or 3 days i did not work in my computer and when i stay in my computer one or two houers i feel boring. After i have a blog assignment i can stay 4 or 5 houers in my computer also i knew something should learn it before i going to the university. Like the homework or the assignment it is not bring it to class or the due finish before the class start, Some time i do not like blog becaues if the due of assigment in the weekend or if i have i test that make my weekend boring. For example the last assignment about summer Morgantown 2 it was a hard assignment because i had a quiz in Grammar,test in reading also test in communication skills it was a boring weekend and hard. Actually i wish had this blog and the assignments when i was in blue A because i think i was able to do it and it will help me. All in all i hope this blog will continue with us to next leavel

My Summer In Morgantown 2

The second summer in Morgantow. I am so exiting to the secund summer and i make plan what i will do in the summer with my brothers and friends. also we have plan to visit some place around Morgantown. I am so exiting to see the WORLD CUP in morgantown with my friends. Always i spend my time to went the gym for get exercises for volleyball beacuse every weekend we are playing volleyball with a lot of people from Middle East beacues our government will make a big championship. The name of the championship is Kings of volleyball the championship will start next month. in last year who win in the championship their time will get 500$ for each one in the team. The second team will get 250$ for each one in the team. last year we arrived for the final between 10 teams but we lost the championship. but this year we are very exiting to be in the championship and achieve victory also get the prize. beacues this year our government change the prize to 1000$ for each one in the team also the special prize for the coach. the special prize is 1500$ and ticket to Miami beach, Florida. that IS what i will do in this summer.

My summer in Morgantown

My first summer in Morgantown was one year ago when i came from Saudi Arabia to America to learn the second language in my life in the IEP. I came on june 29th the first day at morning in Morgantown i went to I HOPE with my father and my brothers to eat a breakfast. I was so exciting to go the IEP but it was a holiday. The holiday was 4th of July also i was so exciting to see the biggest day in Morgantown and to see the amazing fireworks.On 4th of July i went arrund waterfront with my father,brothers and my friends form Saudi Arabia to see the amazing fireworks. We listened to the musics also we saw the fireworks. After a fantastic day we went back to our home. At the morning we were tired also we could not hangout beacuse the semester going to start the next day at morning. The next day i went to the IEP for the first time. I took the placement test. Then the IEP gave me and the other students a tour in WVU campus, i saw the buildings and my classrooms. I met students form my country and other countries. This is my first summer in Morgantown. I am so exciting for the socund summer in Morgantown alos for 4th of July.