Rawa Alkindi

what type of government system is the best and why

The best government system is Democracy, because all citizen have the right to choose their president. For example in the united state of America, they have the Democracy as government system. All citizens can vote every 4 years for new president, and that make the citizens happy in their county because the citizens the main thing in the country. They consider as the economy and the develop of the country, by the citizens the country can develop and can be unknown. but every country should have roles and president to make everything in the right way, and i think the best thing to choose the president by the citizen. The monarchy government system, is not fair and equal for the country because this type of system goes by inherit. So the citizen have not the right to vote for the president, the presidency goes to the sun or the brother. Not every time the whole family understand in the country and in the political, so the country will be in problem and the citizen will start revaluation. All in all, I think the politics is a complex thing that need a diplomat mind, and the country and citizen should be collaborator. What ever the system are is.

Where do you want to be in 10 years? How do you plan to get there.

The human being have their life, future, past and present. Since the human being born have their plans and dreams with the intention they may achieve the dreams. Instead of that we don’t know the squalor of life and what we will face. However the human should have the patience no mater how the life worse and do the best to achieve their goals.


In 10 years I want to be here in the united states of America,  with my family with a successful life and a great job. The most important thing to work hard in my studies because this is the main thing that lead me to what I want, then I have to take my parents permeation because in our culture it is not usual that girls do it. I have to save money from now by searching for a part time job, also I have to save I chair for my brothers in schools. However, my mom satisfied about this idea and she is supporting me, instead of that in 10 years I want to visit Europe with my friends so all what I want to do after 10 years need money money and money, I hope I can reach for my dream and be what I want to be.

the blog assignment

         The blog assignment a good way to submit our writings and it is helping a lot to make us practice how to type fast, further than this we can share whatever we want with our classmate. The blog a flexible thing to write in, because any time I can edit and share it again. Also, I feel it is an awesome tool that I can read what my friend wrote. In my free time I can read some different types of subject in blog, I wish all teachers let their students use blog because it is help full in writing and reading, and it makes the distance closer and easy to communicate. Regardless the location where we are, we can still log in to the website at the same time and that can be like imaginary classroom, it benefits the students whom study in a very far place. In my opinion, this is such a great invention that can be improved in the future for the students and teachers benefits. It also saves time and money instead of preparing for classroom and materials, who have an emergency and they could not reach the place they still can contact with the class throw out the blog.


The global problem with obesity

The country that has the most significant obesity rate or problem today is the United States of America. It is considered as the unhealthiest country in the world according to Jamie Oliver. There are many things nowadays that cause death, but heart disease is the most fatal as it kills more than 25 percent in a year. 150 billion have died this year and in 2 years it will be 300 billion.

West Virginia is on of America states which has the most obesity rate, he also mentions that obesity does not hearts obese people only, it also hurts all the people around them; children, friends and the whole family.

This problem is not only in America, as it has become the world problem. The United Kingdom is just behind America. Data shows that junk food, which is the main reason for obesity, causes death even more then smoking does.

The changes that have happened to food habits over the last 30 years, and the problem with the fast food people became too busy to cook food, which at home so they just buy fast food which is highly processed and has many ingredients in it. Before food was more fresh and healthier but now is low fat but it just full of sugar. Every 18 minutes 4 American will die and the children live ten years less their parents


I came here to Morgantown in 25/12/2013, with my dad. the weather was bad for me, because we didn’t used to it. I started searching for apartment, and after 2 two weeks my father gone. since that moment I learned to take care of my self, because no one will care here. also I started to depend on my self, and this is the hardest thing. day by day I get used to the life here, in Morgantown. Morgantown a wonderful place to study in, because it’s like only place for students, and every thing here support the students.