Shaikha Alwahaibi


As we know the rule type in countries is different, all countries have a certain type of rule that the whole country follow such as: republic, democracy, absolute monarchy and all of rule types.

Actually I do not know much about political, so in my opinion absolute monarchy is the best chooses for me because I like the idea that whole country are ruled by one person because in my point of view if a country are ruled by one person who has a good idea about what his is doing the country will be just fine. As well this type of rule does not make people in groups, what I mean the country that has this type of rule does not have a problem in choosing a leader as we know that different types of rules. Such as the democracy type, requires the people to choose the leader between volunteers so if one of them won the others will be upset and maybe cause problems that can cause peoples life.

As well the absolute monarchy rule type can be inherited from the leader to his son so that well not cost people a lot of money but the other types of rules will need money for the campaign and all stuff that is related to the choosing the leader.

ten years from now

In ten years…… I can see myself in ten years having a high position in the science field because I am planning to get deep in my major and learn much more about the natural and learn about everything that is related to science field. In order to achieve that I have to study hard to pass the language program also I need to work hard in my major in order to be good and have the ability to complete my high studies. That can achieve half what I am planning to do. Reading and knowing about all the scientist research and try to know the mistakes that they did In order to explain natural things that is probably is going to help me achieve the vision that I made of me after ten years from now.

Not only that as well I can see myself in ten years I will have children that I need to look after them and teach them the good things about this life. To accomplish that I need to learn from the mistake that I made .As well, I need to learn not to give up on life and to have a quite good experience to deal with different situation in life.


My opinion of the blogs

Writing blogs is an awesome thing. It helps me a lot, and I think that will help the people that are in gold. But I prefer to start making people write blogs when there are in blue B. therefore, the student in gold should do the same thing but they should write more words. as i said that writing blogs help me a lot in different ways. It helps me improve my way to think and write my thought in appropriate and magnificent way that what I think is the most important point that we get from writing blogs. Also it helps me relays the mistakes that I make when I write.

So I think raising the level of writing will help the students being more creative and it will increase their self-confidence. In addition, when they are in the university they will not feel lost or not well prepared.

As will writing blogs make me know the problems that I have in my writing, and also it helps me to relays the grammatical and spelling mistake that I have and try fix them, not all of it but the majority of the mistakes.

About improving the way of writing blogs in my opinion, giving students a certain theme will make them know the weakness points that that they have in writing. as will, it will make them search for ways to improve their writing, as I did.


Freedom …I like to write about this topic because in my opinion many people miss understand what does freedom means. now days we need to know exactly what is freedom Because all of the crises and Violence that people get is from miss understand what is the freedom means.

What is freedom??!! Freedom is a word that has a several meaning. Freedom, in my opinion, is a magic word that depends on the word that is next to it or behind it. For example freedom of speech is different from the personal freedom and also it different from freedom of belief.

Freedom is invisible message that makes the world a better place to live in. If we imagine that all the countries in this world have a same thought on what the freedom is, the world will be a better place to live.

If we just imagine that any person from any place goes to any country without thinking what to do and what to say and what to not do, that will make people become more close to each other. But what we see now is that if anyone ho is thinking about to visiting another country he must to think a 100 times before he chooses the destination, and also he must to think about what to do and what to not do. Also at the same time he must to think about the things that he must to carry with him.

My hope in the future that people will understand what does freedom is,  so we can be save and also close to each other.

the unforgettable day in Morgantown

The unforgettable day in Morgantown,

February,15th ,2014. This day is one the unforgettable day that I had in Morgantown. In this day I did know that I have sisters here in America, not real sisters but the sisters that will stand for you If you are in the middle of an troubles.

The risen why I do not forget this day because had the best surprise ever since I have been here in America. What happened in that day is that my friends planed a surprise party for me without letting me knowing anything about it.

At the morning when I woke up from the bed I was so excited that my birthday is two days away, I woke up like a normal day I had my breakfast and I watched TV but the thing was one of my friends started to cook the dishes that I like the most, she said that we will have a nice dinner, just for fun nothing special. I started to help her as usual and the other of my friends started to clean the house and help us preparing food as if it was a normal day.

Suddenly, two of my friends said that the guests are in there way but the problem is that they does not know where is the apartment is. So we waited for them. Actually I was excited to meet them. After a few minutes a lot of action happens at once for example one of my friends said that the light is to bright, because of that she will turn off the lights. at the same time we heard someone knocking the door so I went and opened the lights and my other friend opened the door, when I turned to see who was in the door I got surprised because I saw my friends holding a cake and at the same time all of them started to sing for me.

From that moment I know that I have a sisters that they will do anything just to make me happy.