Hesham Amro

The best government system

First of all,I will talk about the best system of government. Each country has a system that all people in that country know about it and people there agree about it . I think that the best system is a democratic system because this system will make everyone have the right to talk and have the choice that they can choose the president with it . Also people can change the president for example if most of the people in that country don’t want the president for the country they can change the president and this thing will be changed in a short time.so, It Is really good to have this system in each country . On the other hand I think that when the country follow this system the president will try as much as he can to be a good president .The president will try to make those people in this country feel happy and have a good life for them and also for their children .There is a good example of the democratic system in Egypt all people there vote for their president and they choose their president.On the other hand maybe this system will make a problems in the country but i think that the positive things are more than the negative things specially if the country is considered as w poor country .Finally,I think that the democratic system Is the best because this system will make the citizens feel that they are in their country.

My plan

First of all I want to talk about my plan in 10 years and what I want to be after this 10 years .my plan is to be a business man and i hope to do all things that going to help to get there. All people have a dream in their life but the main point is how we can reach to our dreams in the future .The first step to my plan is to start working hard and trying to do as much as you can with your work.The second step is to be a hard worker and used to be a hard worker because you want to be a business man and this is what business man should do .The third steep is to never give up and to patience with your work.The forth steep is to have a good view for the future and always think out of the box because you want to be a business man.The fifth and the last steep is to be a good person and kind with all people so when you need any help from any one they will always trying to help you with it.All in all people can reach to their goals but they have to work hard and be an optimistic people in this life.

the blog

first off all I think the blog is very nice and useful. It makes you feel free and you can write what ever you want.the most important thing is how it’s easy to use and how it’s makes your writing getting better by the time. When you write your ideas every week and put your ideas somewhere that’s helps you a lot with your writing. If you write your ideas every week and try to make it batter every time you’ll see that you improve your self every time you write about anything that it’s in your mind.Also it’s a really good website because you can get feed back from your teacher so you can see if you have mistakes or not. I think that the blog makes you get better with everything.I learned a lot from this website. I learned how i can put my ideas and after that how i can edit it. I think that the blog it’s really helpful website and it’s really nice to write on it . It’s makes you feel that you’ll improve by the time and your writing will get better.I think it’s one of the good experiences to me. finally, I think that the blog is very helpful and good place to make your writing get better.

ittihad team

first of all i want to talk about my favorite team in Saudi Arabia. Ittihad team was founded in 1927 it’s the oldest soccer team in my country. ittihad team is from jeddah city and club has a lot of fans and champions . it’s i really good team. when we talk about the fans for this team we have to say the all positive things about the fans. the fans for ittihad team has a really different way to encourage the players to do better in the field.Also ittihad team has 45 champions. they got Asia cup three times in 1998,2004,2005.they played in the world cup for the club teams in 2005. Ittihad team is the best in my country because this team has a lot of champions also they played in world cub. i think it’s not an easy thing to do all of these stuff specially when there is someone did it before. the last thing and the must interesting part that makes me i love this team when i was a child until now is my father was a player in this team for 7 years.i think it’s a good thing when you have someone in your family tried this experience. for all of these reasons i think that ittihad team is the best team in Saudi Arabia for me.

the summer in Morgantown

I think that the summer in Morgantown has advantages and disadvantages. The examples of disadvantage are the weather in the summer is very hot and the summer is not helpful at all to study because all people go back home because the summer is like a rest from school. Also in the summer there is a lot of closed roads because they start fix for the fall semester.On the other hand there is many advantages of staying in Morgantown the summer. Such as Morgantown is really good place to study but not in the summer.I think Morgantown is a really nice place to make some activities in the summer like combing,kayaking, and a lot of these activities if we don’t have classes and we have free time to do all of these stuff. For example there are many lakes around Morgantown we can go there for swimming,boating and fishing. Also the weather is good for all the outdoor sports like playing volleyball,soccer and running. Summer in Morgantown is nice and not bad at all also it’s depends about the person. All in all I think that Morgantown is a good place to study and a bad place to stay in it in the summer.