Aref Anbari

Government Types

Each country has his own pattern in choosing its president, and the people who will take the power in the country, and who will take the important decision which make the difference in the country future. There are many common types of governments such as Republic, Monarchy, Aristocracy, Dictatorship, and Democratic Republic.

For example in America they have Republic type, whereas they do election to nominate the president  in each four years and they have specific rule to nominate the congress members. In Syria we have bad Democratic election whereas we elect the president each seven year and in my opinion it is very long time and the same thing for the governors. Actually, I prefer the Democratic because it fairer than other types and I hate the Dictatorship because the Dictator knows he will not be evicted whatever he do, therefor he will don’t care about the populations benefits, and he will not scare from the punishment ,and it is not fair and all the people in all over the world disagree with this type of government and there are a lot of revolutions by the history fought the Dictators. On all, each country has its own rule to elect the people who will take the power on it.

My simple plan

Everyone has a lot of plans to do in the future, but for me I change all my plans due to the war in Syria. I was studding dentistry in Syria and my plan was to be dentist and stay all my life in this wonderful country,  but every has changed in my live, and I will talk about my new plans in these ten years. First of all, I plan to study civil engineering in WVU, while my studying I will work part time in any restaurant to don’t  take from my father my pocket money and I will work each summer too.  I will graduate from civil engineering college after four years, then will take master degree in business in one year, after that I will try to find job in America to get some experiences, I will work here two years nearly, then I going to move to Dubai because me family are living there and I will find good job in big company which help me to  buy my own  apartment and car, and I going to l  get marred from my girlfriend directly. These are my plans in following ten years I hope I will do it in perfect way.

The Blogs

Hi everybody, today I want to talk about one of the new assignments I have taken for the first time  in Intensive English Program, it is the blog which I have to submit frequently  every Friday. I think the blog is one of the  important ways to improve the English writing  because when I write the  blog I will improve the spilling, the punctuation, and the grammar. The spilling will improve because when I do mistake a red line will appear under the word which I have the spilling mistake on it, and when I do grammar mistake the blue line will appear, in addition I notice that writing the blog increase my ability to express what is in my mind because I expressed in these blogs every delicate details about my life and my feeling after I came to America, and also I have blog assignment in communication skills classes which give me the opportunity to take about my life in general, For example my hobbies, my family, and my interests. Finally I have one suggest to the writing teacher ( Dreak ) to give as the chance to talk about our country such as its history, culture, and any things make it unique from other countries.

The IEP Benefits

Hi everybody! today I want talk about two new interesting things I has taken in Intensive English Program. The first one,  new grammar rule which I learned  it 2 days ago in my grammar class with miss Faith. It is past perfect progressive and past perfect, actually in the first I was confused about when should I use both of them, and I was confuse between past and present perfect progressive, but after the practicing with miss Faith I understand that both of them (past perfect and past perfect progressive) use to talk about events happened before specific event. For example, I had read the book when the door were knobbed, and there is very clear difference between the past and present perfect progressive, the past perfect progressive express about completed events but present perfect progressive express about uncompleted events. Really it is exciting rule, but I was confused from it at the first, and I faced these difficulties because we don’t have like this rule in Arabic grammar although that Arabic language is famous in it grammar difficulty. The second interesting thing I has taken, is new vocabulary which I took it in vocabulary class with Mrs. livia 4 days ago, it is (astonish) and it mean to surprise someone very much, I heard this word several times on the radio but I was don’t understand it. In the end I’m very happy that I attend IEP, because every day I learn new information which help me my general life in America.

Nice Summer In Morgantown

Morgantown is beautiful city which located in West Virginia, when I came here in last January I didn’t see it beauty, because it has hidden by the snow and awful weather, but when the summer came it was totally different, I went to many places here, and I tried many restaurant s and bowling alley,  but the most amazing place I visited is coopers rock which need 20 min by car from my home, I went to there with my cousins and we made a picnic then we went hiking in the forest it was nice day. I didn’t go to a lot of places here because I’m busy for studying in IEP, which help me to improve my English by grammar, writing, reading and  communication skills classes, for me the grammar class is the easiest and the writing is the hardest . and I improve my English in other way, I always attend in the extra activities to recognize new American friend and speak with them, the last extra activities I did it three days ago and I won back bag.  and I want talk about my impression in the people here, the people here is very kind and they remind me in Syrian people ,although  when I came here I was surprised in the way of  the wear, because it is totally different from my country  but I adopted with this condition. Finally I love this town and I hope to enjoy in every moment in my life here.