Yukari Hibino

The Blog Assignment

Our Blog Assignment

   I think this blog assignment is very helpful for me. At first, it was a little bit hard for me. Because I didn’t know how to write a blog. However it was not so difficult actually. This is a good opportunity to tell my opinion to everyone. Not only my opinion, but also about my country and background. In addition, I could know about my friends more. This is wonderful way to share our opinion to everyone. We can share our opinion in the class, but there is a limit to do just in the class. I was impressed by the stories which my friends wrote! I seldom see other student’s writing. It was good time to find new phrase and words by reading other’s blogs. After I did this assignment I could find my weak point in writing. I sometimes make mistakes in grammar. Especially singular and plural form. This is one of the good things by doing this assignment.  To write the blog is very good way to improve my writing skill, in the same time to read all blogs is very important to improve my skills. I think we can start this kind of assignment from BlueB level. The teacher can make topics depend on the level.

Again, I think this blog assignment helps is to improve our English skills. Not only writing skill, but also reading skill. Thank you for everyone who is concerned with this assignment!

My Summer in Morgantown2

Wonderful Time with My Friends

     I’m enjoying my life here. I’m getting more active than before, I think. I have to be more and more active for everything!! These days, I try to meet my friends and hang out together especially on weekends. If I stay at home whole day, I can’t speak English so much, also I can’t listen to English so much. Spending time with friends is so much fun! Also it helps me to improve my English.

I had a good time last weekend. I met my friend who went to her country last Sunday. We talked a lot. For example, about spring semester or mother languages. We have each background, so every story was impressed for me. After that, I went to the river with some friends. It was good time for me. When we was getting hungry, we decided to go to the restaurant. It was the first time to go to the Syrian restaurant for me. I ate Syrian food. It was also first time for me. It was awesome! I could enjoy the dish with my friends. That time we talked a lot, so I could know about my friends. I am thinking about the next time to get together. We are planning to go to Japanese restaurant someday! Learning about other culture is very interesting for me. I am so happy I could a lot of friends here.


Summer semester is harder than I thought. Every teacher gives us many assignments every day. I am always pressed for assignments and quizzes. However they help me to improve my English skill. I try to do my best for everything.


My Summer in Morgantown

My Summer in Morgantown     

      It is the first time to stay at Morgantown in the summer. I came here on February 1st. That time, it was heavy snow and very cold every day. It is getting warm now, but it is still cold sometimes. I was surprised at this weather because it is already hot in May in Japan.10294293_515621495208869_2699032673878213781_n

These days I realized there are a lot of beautiful nature in the Morgantown. When I was walking around my home, I could find beautiful flowers and trees. Also the sky is very beautiful. It is very clear and blue. The air around me is fresh. Those beautiful things make me happy. A few days ago I was riding the bicycle with my host sister. Then we saw four big deer. How nice it was!!! I thought Morgantown is abundantly blessed with nature.There are rivers, mountains, water falls, and parks in Morgantown. We can enjoy with nature especially in summer. I think Coopers Rock is the one of the best place to visit in this summer because it is very beautiful. I really want to go there with my friends.10334435_517980748306277_2464056286422267120_n

In this summer, I will try to be more active for everything. I have to study English as much as I can. I want to not only study, but also play with my host sisters and hang out with my friends.

Hope everyone will enjoy this summer in Morgantown!!!