Anna Stolina

10 year plan.

As said my great grandmother ” if somebody dreams, he will not a bit to refuse yourself.” So my dream at fist is to study in American university of art and design and to have a very prestige job. Also I want my friends to be with me, especially my best friend. He is from Russia, and I miss him. Also I want to be my parents with me, in America. Now , they exactly sure with that they will not live with me in America. But I know exactly that if I ask my farther to come, he will come as fast as it possible. I love my farther, it is impossible to explain this emotions, but I want him to be very happy. My mother is amazing person, when my parents are spending there time together, I am always laughing. They are optimistic person. I love them more then my life.

Blog assignment.

It is not very easy to explain my feelings about blog assignment, because they are mixed. So, first of all, i want to say that for me at first time to understand how to write and how to write correctly was very hard. I can not say that i really see a big difference between my activity when i wrote something on a paper or wrote it from laptop. I prefer to write everything by hand and also to see the comments from my teacher, actually if it is clear and correct comment from my teacher. But i know exactly that i have some problems in grammar and writing and i try practice and correct my mistakes. I agree with people who saying that anytime and anywhere when i use my second language it is a good experience and practice for me. When student writing his blog and also trying to use some new words witch he realize from lessons or any new books or maybe the student realize this words from TOEFL , it is also good for student, good for his study. If i look to this situation from another view of point, i will think that for teacher it is also good practice for his experience in teaching a students, and it is very interesting that the teacher is study with as too, because he realize the new way of students learning and how many and how long student spend his time for studying , after a good experience the teacher can see it, and also the cheating. It is just my opinion about blog assignment.

Summer for everybody is the most expecting time in the world. Because in this time you have avery warm and wet weather. Some people have vocations , some people studying in IEP in University of West  Virginia.

At first, i am studying in University of IEP and anjoying it . Sometimes it is not easy, especially when i need to use the laptop in my homework, it is doing me crazy. At second, i like to walk with my best friend Kyoko. And also to have a fun with her. However, i try not to waste time . In the evenings , we are watching any movies in English or some TV shows, it is very good practice for our English. When we do not understand some words, we stop our watching and ask our host family : Nancy. She always glade to explain as what is some words meaning , sometimes ,when she can not explain it, she use the russian translator.

Finally, I would like to say that this summer is the most beautiful summer. I met my love, i have a lot of funny and crazy friends as me.