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My Finacial Goals

            First,I want to finish my mager in petroleum engineering.After that I will return to my countrey and work in a company.Then I will make a saving acount for my paychecks,to save my money to get married and build a house.When I get married and have kids.I will build my house in the country side,so I have alot of space to have a farm with camels,sheep and horses.When I retire from my job,I will start a small business of selling hay.After that I want to buy a small house in Czech so I can go their for the summer.Because in Saudi Arabia the temperature in the summer is very hot it can burn you.

All of us have plans. The plans diverse from person to person. I have financial plan to reach my goals. My financial plan is save a lot of money to take advantage of it. If I save much money, I can set up a company. I am planning to create electronics company, so I can deal with some of the biggest companies in the world. It could APPLE or LG. When I trade with these two company, I can definitely make my own electronic ( phones, T.V., .. etc). Finally, from that step I can make lots of money.