Blogging Reflections

Blog Reflection

Today, our technology is very developed. Therefore, a computer and internet service is used in a lot of situations. Of course, schools also use them. We used the blog in writing class and communication class. I think it has both advantages and disadvantages. I think using blog is very convenient for the teachers to check our assignments. In addition, we can learn to use the computer, and we can practice typing. Furthermore, I can see other student’s blog. It is very good point because I can get other opinion, and I can learn other feeling and ideas by other’s blogs. However, I think if internet service does not work in my house, I cannot use the blog. I have to do blog assignments in the school or library. It is too messy. Moreover, computer sometimes occur a bug. Then, I cannot do blog assignments. As a result, there are good and bad points.

Turki’s Blogs


Hi everyone..

After i researched for my topic for the final project , l figured out it is so difficult to find some information is related with my topic , and i thought it will be easy and it won’t take much time , but frankly it was hard to search about good resources . Finally, i became good and fast to finding information, and also i had a new experience and after a while i found it easy for me, but i was making it hard to me , also while i was searching for stories of informations , i got new informations i don’t know it or hear it before, maybe it won’t help me on my essay or my research , but it will increase my knowledge .




Hi everyone..

I think it is a great idea , because its’t hard as when i write it , in my opinion . But  i enjoy typing more than writing because i like when i feel bored i can turn on music while i’m typing  , also i can do it while i’m writing , also i can open the YouTube page and watch funny videos , but in my opinion typing is more comfortable  easier than writing . i hope we could continue using this website . I want to use this opportunity to thank Mrs. Lauren for this easy and smart way and without efforts , it is much easy to do your homework without any stress .



using blogs


name : Ayed al ahbabi

gold A2

The first time used a blog site, initially found it difficult and complicated because it was something new. But when you got used to it and found it useful and a great thing to read what your friends write of subjects interesting and enjoyable. Also, I love to go back to see my entry.  blog has a lot of benefits that we learn how to get more ideas. Also, that we can learn how to write in a timely manner. I am very happy because I can, now  that use blogs correctly, because I think that the writing in the blog are a great and enjoyable.



The blog website was boring and i extremely heat it and i always prefer to use paper because i write by all my emoticon with it. How ever, it was really benefits because i heat the computer so much and i must to use it when i get job. I think the blog was good for me because it makes me love using the computer and I’m agree to keep it for summer tow and even for all levels even if it just for fun .

I suggest to make a website for iep student which is good to devolve the writing skills and for the communication between students too.





I this semester it was my first time to write a blog in the internet. it was a new and hard thing for me because i’m usually write my paragraph and essay in the Microsoft Word it is was easy for me more then using blog. I hope it is the last time i have to do my job with use a blog it is annoy me in all the way. I will talk withe my teachers about not ding this any more in next semester. I will be very happy if they cancel the blog in summer two also in all the semester.

A View That Should Be Known .,.,

Everything has tow sides. Each side differs from the other. Things effect positively and in the same time doesn’t. The blog has shared what has never been shared between the students. It brought for us the talents of how to write and how to improve it. Many students have let the others know about their experiences. It allows the students to do the home works whenever they want to. And the most important reason that it gives the teachers the ability to grade the blogs without holding much of papers wherever they go, or even get confused between student homework and another one. Which means it is more organizing than the papers.


In the other hand, there are some issues that came after this idea. First, the spilling of the words. The students used to correct their own mistakes, so they learn the vocab correctly. Second, there are some grammars rules that student should use in a correct way, but by the computers they will not know how to use. The right grammar will be shown as a suggestion. Third, when anyone writes in papers, it is better to organize the ideas and be creative in the thoughts.

Writing class blogs

To whom it may concern,

I have used the Blog site last summer when I just attended to the IEP, at first I found it hard and complicated because it was something new. However, when I got use to it I found it useful and great thing because I like to go back to see my posts and I can read my friends posts, also I can learn from my classmate posts and get more ideas. I’m so thankful for my teachers who told us to use the Blog, because I think my writing skills became better especially about typing an essay.

Best regards.


This is my second semester in WVU especially in IEP, I came every day to the same class the same rotten, but in this semester in writing class it was amazing, I enjoyed with the instructor she is very helpful. She made this class different than other writing class by special homework its name Blog assignment. It’s not related with what we take in the class it’s about your normal life like what did you do last week we have to talk about how we spend our time last week. You can share your opinion in this assignment and your experiences. In all I like to take another class with this instructor and I like her website.

blog reflection…

Blogs are important, modern way to do home works. Blog is doing home works in internet. I think blog is easier than doing home works in paper. I think blogs have positive and negative affects on students.

There are positive things about blogs. Blogs are easy for students. Students can enter website easily, and lots of students have knowledge of technology. Students sometimes do not like to write a lot, so they have a chance to write in computer in blogs.


On the other hand, Blogs sometimes get worse. Websites sometimes do not work. Some students have problems with logging in websites. Students could not find the certain categories sometimes.


My feeling about the blog

In my opinion the blog is good program for the student. I think that the blog help the student with a lot of things. But there is some thing that effect the student some time. It help the student with writing paragraphs. And if they writs a lot they will used to write without problem. And it’s help with the spelling for some of the student. And some time it help some time with grammar. And the idea the it must done before 12 o’clock in friday is a good idea to let the student be in time. And it helps us to not be shy and to share story with other student. That will show you your mistake and your friend will help you with that by putting cement about your paragraph. And that will help you a lot in your writing. That the best way to improve your writing. But when we talk about the effects that happened to the student from the blog that they must have a rest in the week end. That they have homework and the blog that they have extra work in the weekend not time to take a rest. That what I feel about the blog.