Kai Wang

My research findings

In past couple of weeks,I did some research about junk food ads on TV. Through all those work that people already done on this topic. I can see that most of people are for banning junk food ads on TV. Which I think it’s just the only way they can think of, easy enough to conduct; less relevant measures would be attached. However those people didn’t really do a lot of work into how much junk food ads on TV would affect people to gain more weight. This is the point of whether we should ban it or not. Unfortunately, people are just called for “ban junk food ads on TV” without knowing why it matters. They just think it makes sense, then they do it. Which should not happening when government are trying to make some big decisions that might change people’s life. It should be more convincing and scientific. So,more persuasive proof should be given to not waste of a lot of public resources. Nevertheless, those papers and research on the topic really didn’t say a word about it. At least, I didn’t read any of articles mentioned how much junk food ads affected people’s health issue.They are somehow relevant but irrelevant directly.

That is pretty much I want to say about my research findings.

Dulong women‘s beauty


Women from the Dulong nationality in southwest of China are carved some kind of lines on their faces.According to wikipedia,population of this nationality is only 6000.Formerly, the women used to tattoo their faces when they reached the age of twelve or thirteen. The tattoos of some women resembled masculine mustaches.Because at that time,their village is always attacked and robbed by other bigger nationalities,they take the young girl,rob their property.So women tattoo themselves on face to make them looks tougher,in order not to be bullied any more.Anyway,I think this really shows us their courage and belief to survive in a various nationality country.They are respectful and beautiful women.Some time it’s no always appearance that matters to judge a woman if she is pretty but the inner beauty,their personality,their strong and beautiful heart.

Some suggestions

Dear IEP teachers,

Through past a month,we have gotten familiar with each other more and more.First I have to say that you guys have been doing a really good job.Because I think it is extremely hard to deal with all those people from all over the world.And it is even harder to run it this smoothly.So,it’s impressive.

However,I do think that if it’s more flexable of our options in choosing levels.For example,if someone is compaining about his level,like”I should have been in higher level”;Or,someone just wants to start learning real English from square one even he got to Gold B.I believe this is very common in IEP.So my suggestion is set up another test for those who have problems with their levels to see if they are qualified to get into the level they really want.

Another very important suggestion is we really should hold a lot more activities,such as soccer game between Gold and Blue,which I think is a very trendy due to the world cup in Brasil,also a lot of guys in IEP are super soccer fans;Besides,a talent show is always popular among students.There are a lot more we can think of,just interactive and fun.Hopefully you guys can come up with something amazing,really look forward to it!




Kai Wang

My financial goals

Speaking of money,it’s always something to do with saving and using,outgo and income,which is not so easy for those who are more likely to use credit card,and buy stuff online.

My very current financial goal is to buy a car,since the U.S. is a country in the car,car is your feet,car is your shoes.A good ride can take you everywhere you wanna go and save a lot of your time.Especially when you are living in a small town,which doesn’t have many public transportation,a car plays a more important role in people’s daily life.So,that’s my first goal-to buy myself “a pair of shoes”.

Furthermore,I want to go for a trip to New York City.I am a guy who really likes see new things and views.Back in China,I have been to a lot of nice places that left me really deep impressions.Also,I know that ShangHai in China is the second biggest city in the world while New York City is on the top of the list,ShangHai to China is what New York City to the U.S.So,I figured that NYC would be my first want-to-go place.

Both of those I said is spending money,I also plan to do something to earn money.However,because of my visa type,I am not allowed to work here.So,working hard in study will be my only way to make the money spent worthwhile.I believe that is the other way to understand “earn” money.I would like to say”A penny spent worthy is a penny earned”.

Those are pretty much for my current months’ financial goals.Hopefully it goes well.Peace.

My summer in Morgantown 2

This week,I wanna talk about something new I noticed about Morgantown,which continues to interest me.

People here are never holding a umbrella in sunny days,which happens everywhere in China,pepole in China are afraid of getting tanned.This is totally different situation.People here enjoy tan skin,and when sun comes out,they cant’t wait to get thier swimming suit dressed,and go to the swimming pool,to enjoy the sunshine.I think it’s very healthy,because as far as I am concerned,sunshine helps you to obtain more Vitamin D and prevent losing element Ca.

In China,the situation is completely different,when it’s sunny outside,people tend to stay indoors and choose to do some indoor activaties,which is a total waste of sunshine.Even when they go out,especially the ladies who try to keep thier white skin,are more likely to cover their skin as much as they can,sun blocking umbrella,which I don’t think even exists in the U.S. sun blocking outfits,sun hats.They are just so afraid of getting hit by sun.

I don’t wanna judge which is better,because I understand different kinds of people have different structure of body,different body constitution leads to different way to live,different eating habbit,different culture,everything varies from country to country.Maybe it’s just a small dissimilarity,but it could influence the whole new way of living that we even won’t notice.Just like butterfly effect theory,you might not notice a butterfly flap its wings,but it could generate a violent storm on the other side of the earth.It’s just a very small action that people are doing here,but I believe small things make differences.

As it to us,you could do small things that might seems like meaningless,but you never know how it would benefit you in the future.Just like my dad once told me,”if you can’t do small things,then nothing big you are able to do.”

My personality

Speaking of personality,it’s quite a complicated thing,it differs from person to person.

Just like fingerprint,you can not find another person in the world who shares the same fingerprint.People are different,not only our apperance,but our inner things,this is so called personality.Never judge a book from its cover.As every other person,I do have my own personality.I  can not say it’s 100% positive or 100% negative,it’s not maths,which has an exact answer to each question.I am sunshine when I am hanging out and having fun with friends.I am nightmare when I am upset about something,I can absolutely shut myself down,not seeing anyone,not talking to anyone,nothing personal,just don’t feel like saying any word.I also enjoy helping others,it makes me feel fufilled.When I am under pressure,I always choose to face it and challege myself,especially most of people believe I can not do it,which motivates me more.

I said a lot,trying to describe my personality,but never judge me from those written evidences,people have different sides of themselves,depending on what kind of people they are dealing with,what kind of errands they are running,and stuff.People are always more complex than you think they are,you can never read people and tell what’s in their mind.An old saying goes in China:You can only know a person well after knowing him for a long time,you can only tell a horse after a long ride.

My summer in Morgantown

It is always a thrill to try something new, meeting some people you have never imagined to meet,wearing some cloths you have never tried before,tasting some food that you have never even heard about,going some place you’ve never been to,etc.Normally people don’t even carry out just one of the above,but I’m experiencing more.

Since I arrived in this town,I’ve been observing,all kinds of stuff are new to me,especially the enviroment astonishes me,which is pretty clean and green.Also I wake up with birds sing,which makes me really happy and hopeful about the whole day ahead.And the best part is that it’s totally a “oxcide bar” here,which means air here are extremely fresh.It might sounds like a joke but I’m truly enjoy breathing air here.

Pleasant environment lives nice people.People in Morgantown show us their particular manner from the details of daily life,even a smile,could make a stranger feel good for a while,and be positive for life.Respecting for each other is also a vital point in a society,And I should not forget to mention is people here always intend to help others,it’s impressive because people in modern life are more considered not waste their time in helping others.

I believe these are the mytery of why Morgantown is regarded as one of the most livable cities of the U.S.Which I’ve been trying to fit in and explore more about.A place of freshment,but I’m getting to know more and more about.WVU