Dear Gold A

Formal letters

Dear Gold A Students

Dear Gold A students,

Thank you for your comments on the IEP and Morgantown. It was very informative for me to read them all. I will try to address as many of your concerns as I can. First of all, many students complained about the class times and the amount of homework. Sadly, I cannot change those things. WVU decided that classes must start on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, etc. If Grammar class moves its time, it will be to 8:30 (!) or 12:30 (!!!). This is the only time for it. The amount of homework has to be like this, especially because IEP in the summer is very intense!

Many of you also mentioned that your tests are happening on the same day. I’m not sure if I can fix the problem, but I can try to ask other teachers when their tests are, and change my test day. I can’t make any promises about this, however. I can promise that I will be in my office when my office hours are happening. Your teachers should be available then, so hopefully this won’t be an issue in the future. And remember, you can always email teachers.

Finally, some people mentioned how speaking should be more important in the IEP. I know that my classes have involved less speaking than normal. I can try to change that. As a teacher, speaking is very hard to organize and grade, but I can try to involve more speaking opportunities in summer II.

I hope I have answered some questions and responded to most complaints. If you have any other issues, you can always mention them here, or in email.

Thanks again for your feedback!



Some suggestions

Dear IEP teachers,

Through past a month,we have gotten familiar with each other more and more.First I have to say that you guys have been doing a really good job.Because I think it is extremely hard to deal with all those people from all over the world.And it is even harder to run it this smoothly.So,it’s impressive.

However,I do think that if it’s more flexable of our options in choosing levels.For example,if someone is compaining about his level,like”I should have been in higher level”;Or,someone just wants to start learning real English from square one even he got to Gold B.I believe this is very common in IEP.So my suggestion is set up another test for those who have problems with their levels to see if they are qualified to get into the level they really want.

Another very important suggestion is we really should hold a lot more activities,such as soccer game between Gold and Blue,which I think is a very trendy due to the world cup in Brasil,also a lot of guys in IEP are super soccer fans;Besides,a talent show is always popular among students.There are a lot more we can think of,just interactive and fun.Hopefully you guys can come up with something amazing,really look forward to it!




Kai Wang

What A Semester In Summer

June 16, 2014

Dear: The IEP teachers and administration

The summer in the IEP cannot be more challenger and harder than it is now. None of students used to study in such a difficult area under this huge pressure. Every teacher is trying to do his/her best in this semester. What I really liked from some teachers is to give a study guide for the students in summer one, so none of the students should blame the teacher about any issues. I have never seen those teachers in this kind of organizing and planning how to spend the whole time. I hope all of the student will get used to this kind of hard working in summer tow. There are some things that we missed in summer. We missed the most useful part in the IEP, which is the conversation partner. I didn’t know the reason behind that. With the fact that the number of the students has reduced in the summer, so it should be easier for the teachers to do it. I hope that the teachers be easy with the students in summer one and give them a chance to correct everything in summer tow. The technical issue that happened this semester is how they did put every student in each class. It was kind of unfair a little pit. I hope Stacy will take care of it in summer tow.

Sincerely   Khalil ALRiyami

My problem

In the first day in morgantown,i had a big problem.And it is a major problem in morgantown,all of people have a same problem.And it is a taxi.So i would like to write about my problem and the solution about it.

When i came to morgantown, i didn’t see the negative things in Morgantown,But we all know that in morantown have just 1 taxi.So in the first day i needed to taxi because i didn’t have a car.So when i called to taxi,some one answer me but in impolite behavior,not just that he closed the phone when i was talking lol.I thought this person would not work usually,but after that in a few days, he usually answer me.Also he talks with me an respectfulness.After that i knew some information from my friend that this person work usually will not change.So that is one of the biggest problem in morgantown.

In the end,i want to tell you my advice,and i hope every one read that.First one,the customers must be more respect with the people.Also the manager must be check all of the section their.If they have a problem or some one not good ,so the manager must take the right decision that make people happy,and don’t lose them.

name:yhyah taher



conversation partners


Madam: Stacy


I am student in IEB WVU since January. I am in gold A 2. Recently, I realize that you don’t care about speaking that much. Even we have class, which call communication skills, but we don’t pay attention in speaking that class.

Could you please at least bring conversation partners every Friday? I think they will help us to feel more confidence.








formal later

Dear teacher Stacy,

I study English at WVU in the IEP program. I have noticed that many of students in the IEP they have an unacceptable habit they smoke in front of the door of school in the rests between classes and as you know our campus is tobacco free.

Would you please let me suggest a solution for this problem to stop this irresponsible behavior like making a smoking room inside the IEP.




formal latter-hussien

Dear teacher Stacy,

I study English at WVU in the IEP program. I have noticed that many of students in the IEP they have an unacceptable habit they smoke in front of the door of school in the rests between classes and as you know our campus is tobacco free.

Would you please let me suggest a solution for this problem to stop this irresponsible behavior like making a smoking room inside the IEP.




Complaining about a problem

Dear teachers,


Hi teachers I hope that you are fine. Today I am writing to you this message about my problem in Morgantown. I think all people in Morgantown or in another city or town are having some problem. This is the life. My problem in Morgantown that the IEP spend a lot of time everyday. In Morgantown we have REC center and the REC center in summer close at 9 o’clock. I can’t go to the REC center because I don’t have anytime. Everyday I have a lot of homework to do. In Morgantown we don’t have many activities to do only the REC center and I can’t go because I need to take a rest and I have many homework and quiz everyday. I can’t do any type of sport. I have another problem In Morgantown but it’s not WVU. The gas is too expensive and my car spends a lot of gas. The gas price in Morgantown some time reaches 4 USD. On the other hand in my country the gas cheaper than the bottle of water. The last problem that I face in Morgantown there is a lot of holes in the roads. They need to fix it. This problem disturbs many people and In Morgantown there is a road is very bad and the American people write in the road fix me. If you solve all of this problems that will be awesome.


Best wishes,

Ali Buabbas

complaining about a problem

To whom is considered. My name is Zayed. I am a student in IEP. I want anyone in IEP to informed after reading this letter. It acceptable to get lots of home works, but on the other hand teachers should realize that we spend much time to do it. On be half of Muslims, we must at most one or two home works a day. We are ahead of Ramadan month, and we have to fast from 5am until 9pm and we finish our classes at 3 pm every day. So, I suggest to have few home works to take some rest on that month.


I recommend to have some activities in classes instead of having home works which take lots of time to do it. I think the much activities we will have, the much benefit we will get. If we could solve that problem, we have to be responsible to do what teachers need.

Complaining about a problem

Dear Gold A teachers,


How are you all I hope that you are doing great.  I am sending you this letter to inform you that I have some kind of problems in the Intensive English Program and I should solve them as soon as possible because summer two is getting near.

First problem is the writing class, I don’t know how to divide the whole essay on two weeks as you taught us that we should write the introduction on the first week then the  other week we should write only the body paragraphs and the third week we write the conclusion. For me it is a little bit problem because I can’t do that technique, It is easier to write a whole essay at the same day or two maximum, because all the ideas are coming at the same moment when we are writing about a specific subject or title.

Second, I have a problem with my speaking skills too. When I try to speak with others outside the campus especially the US citizens I don’t know how to use the tense very well and sometimes I spell the words wrong. So what should I do to get rid of this kind of problem?

In the end, I have some suggestions for the IEP such as using another placement test because it is very easy to every one and that doesn’t grade the student’s English. Also to put the classes only on the morning such as from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm because we have another life outside the campus and a lot of important things to do.


Best regards,

Mohammad Sadeq