Gold A Fashion Show

Takeru And Ali

There are variety of fashion styles in the world. Fashion styles are different between each countries and also generations. I think observing someone’s fashion styles is interesting, because fashion is one of self-assertiveness. Today, I compare the two students, I and Ali. I am Japanese, but Ali is Arabic. We grew in different culture. How do we have difference or similarity?

We had several similarity on each fashion styles. I wore the shoes of sports brand, Nike. Similarly, Ali wore sports brand’s shoes, Puma. In addition, we have same hair color although we are from different country. However, hair styles are different. I understood that there are some similar points among different culture. On the other hand, there are a lot of different points about fashion styles. Ali wore sports pants, but I wore jeans. Ali wore T-shirts, but I wore button-shirts. Ali had beard, but I don’t.

In conclusion, there are similarity and difference between Ali and me. I think Ali tend to prefer more comfortable clothes than me.

Fashion comparison

In this topic I’ll be talking about the fashion differences between me and my friend Suliman. I’ll talk about my personal style. First clothes, my personal style guess to dark colors. I like something that speaks for my personality as in a phrase or a picture that express my mode. Second thing is pants i like to wear jeans I hate to wear anything els. Now let’s talk about hair cuts. I hate to do anything with my hair I like it short with a normal cut. Because I like to cover it with a hat. I choose to wear hats most of the time to cover my face from the sun. And I always like to wear the red monkey hats. They have well made hats with unique styles that I personally like. Finally chose. When it comes to chose I just like to wear something comfortable. I don’t Care what brand what kind what event. My foot comfort comes first. Now Suliman in the other hand likes to wear something alagent. He won’t mind how much it cost. Because image is number one he like to be shown as respected and he take people first look on him really serious. He likes to wear any pants he don’t mind any kind but he pref jeans like me. He like to try new facial hair styles and he got his own special hair style. His chose how ever he has a lot of chose because he likes to have a specific color pattern to follow. Because as I said before image is everything to him.

Momajad And Hussian

Each country has special fashion style in wearing for men and women related with it culture, and religions. In this paragraph I will talk about myself and my partner hussian.

First of all, in general I like to wear casual clothe, because I feel comfortable in my normal day but sometimes I like to wear a little bit formal when I have special events, I like to make my hair short I and I like to make it spiky, I like to grow my beard. Instead of my partner have a short hair and goatee and he doesn’t like moustache. he prefers clothes that conform so all his clothes are t-shirts and shorts, sometimes he prefers to wear fashionable clothes when he has a party. He dislikes wearing old fashion clothes.



Beauty in ancient Egypt

In my opinion each culture has their ways to define the beauty,however I think that was in the past. I think now we probably define the beauty at a same way but not exactly 100% present same, I think the reason of that is now all the people connect with each other simply so maybe some people mix their definition of beauty with others,so that’s why I wrote same but still not exactly. In fact if we go back to the past we will notice a lot of different between the beauty in each culture why, because they didn’t know each other well or they didn’t connect with another culture. Actually I prefer one of the old definition of the past, I prefer how ancient Egypt defined it. In ancient Egypt they preferred the women who has a big eyes and the smell of the women. They had to many ways to make their eyes big but the most popular one is to use eyeliner. Some books said they had a unique kinds of eyeliner that people haven’t found it yet. About the smell they focused in body and mouth smell. In fact ancient Egypt is the first culture discovered that gum is key to make the smell of their mouths pretty. All in all our life changed too many times until we became know each other well, I hope I gave a new or a good knowledge.

What is Beauty ?

The meaning of beauty changes from person to person. Some poeple see the beauty from the clothes and fashion others from manners and ethics. However, every different culture and place have a different way to express beauty. For example, Surma people who lives in Ethiopia in Africa. These people wear weard thing on there faces and have a strange haircuts. There are three groups all of them speak the same language. the population of them is 186,000. There homeland located in the mountains. When they get to the age of marriage they prepare their woman by removing the women bottom teeth and but something like a huge ring on their lips. However, they paint their children’s with white colour and some dotes on their faces and bodies.

In sum, the meaning of beauty changes from culture to other thus we should respect the others opinion or the way that they see the beauty.




The beauty


All countries have a different beauty and cultures. Some times many countries have the same beauty because they are in the same society. Sometimes in the same country they have many beauty and cultures. Sometimes all family has a different beauty and cultures.


First of all, today I want to talk about the beauty in Africa. They are many type of African such as: white people, black people, Arabic people and the other African language. Secondly, I want to start with the white people. The white people in the Africa they were under France colonization. The beauty like Europe beauty or like the France beauty. Thirdly, the black African. They have many different beauty and cultures. I want tell you about black African fashion. They always like to wear a vivid color and many strange clothes. They always make a new cut hair. They always are different. There mind is different the beauty is different. Everything is different than other. Finally, I want to talk about my country and the beauty and cultures in my country. In my country everything new the people ware it. But in my country we have folk costume.


In conclusion, the beauty is different around the world. All people like something different other people. This is the life.

Beauty in USA

There are many types and kinds of different cultures around the world. Each of those cultures defines the beauty in their own way or style. In this specific subject I will talk about how the beauty is defined in the United States of America.

First, I will talk about the girls in the US and how they try to make them selves beautiful to attract attention in the public places. There are many kinds of girls think that the beauty must be to wear something over or to put over makeup but that is not the meaning of beauty, such as many girls in the United States are putting over makeup even in the morning and also some of them wear very high heals that they can’t even walk with it. On the other hand there are also girls that know about the style and they wear very nice clothes, such as short skirts in the summer or some bright colored clothes that attract attention to them. Also most of them are painting their hairs with nice colors.

Second, are the boys in this country. The boys are not that quit good with the fashion but they are trying their best there and one of the main styles that boys love in the US is the skateboarders style, such as wearing a snap packs on their heads and a skinny jeans with skateboard shoes. Also some of them wears some earrings and putting tattoes all over their bodies.

In the end, every country has its own definition of beauty and sometimes that could be pretends on their culture too, because as I said at the first there are many and different cultures in the world.

Comparison between Turki and Khalid

Hello everyone..

we will talk about our fashion and what’s the differences and similarities between us , therefore we will start with the similarities then the differences.

First of all, we don’t like to wear formal clothes except in occasions , we prefer casual clothes because it’s make us feel comfortable , and we can do anything , such as walking or running we can do what we want to do without any fear or careful about our clothes , when we said casual we meant pants and shirt and sport shoes. And also we would like to wear sunglass and shorts , we don’t like show off ,we wear what we like not what others like.


Foot Binding Beauty And Torture





There are multiple meaning of beauty . I see that Beauty  is a beautiful thing , but in some countries is considered beauty is pain.

Chinese foot is an old tradition of beauty and tortures. ”Foot binding became popular as a means of displaying status  women from wealthy families who did not need them to work could afford to have their feet bound  and was correspondingly adopted as a symbol of beauty in Chinese culture” ( It known since the old   foot binding  that the girls are already the fingers bend and break the bone at the age of three or five years to earn a beauty.  Thus, it give a good result  ,  mother in Chinese look for her son wife with the appearance of the girl’s foot.

In my opinion , I think that it is a loss for the feet, difficult to bear these habit.

Dulong women‘s beauty


Women from the Dulong nationality in southwest of China are carved some kind of lines on their faces.According to wikipedia,population of this nationality is only 6000.Formerly, the women used to tattoo their faces when they reached the age of twelve or thirteen. The tattoos of some women resembled masculine mustaches.Because at that time,their village is always attacked and robbed by other bigger nationalities,they take the young girl,rob their property.So women tattoo themselves on face to make them looks tougher,in order not to be bullied any more.Anyway,I think this really shows us their courage and belief to survive in a various nationality country.They are respectful and beautiful women.Some time it’s no always appearance that matters to judge a woman if she is pretty but the inner beauty,their personality,their strong and beautiful heart.