Research Findings

the best news ever

my best new ever in my life is when i got scholarship to complete my education  to the USA. when i was 14 years old, my cousin studies in the the USA. He always was telling me about the life and the education in the USA. I like the lifestyle there. it has a free, cool life. So I decided to study hard to get schalership to complete my education in the United State. when i was in a sophomore, I couldn’t study hard. i was playing, and spending my time with my friends. But i got senior, I  had a serious plan to study well. fortunately , i could did well in the senior, then i got high grades. finally ministry of education in my country has accepted me to  complete my education in the USA as i chose. it was the best news ever in my life. i was more than happy. then  I made a big party at home. I invited all my friends and family. I slay a sheep for the party And i made a lot of activities in this party such as playing video games, volleyball, and swimming in the swimming pool. it was the great event in my life.

Junk Food Tax

      I found out that obesity is one of the biggest issues in our country. The reason is that children eat fast food. Junk food is  unhealthy and causes many diasees. I beileve the goverment should impose a tax on it. Children are going in and out of hospitals each day. The cost of the hospital is noy cheap, can say shocking. It is taking some families whole pay check. More then 75% said by (Kris Gunnars,2013). I also found the lack of exercise in schools. Children stay at school for more than 7 hours if they do not move between those hours, when will they move.Junk Food and no exercise will make you lazy. Said by (Kimberly Gillan, 2014). Our children are getting fatter by the day. Starting from now, get rid of Junk Food in your house; pay more attention on your kids diet. Go outside with your child and play a game.

Children Development

I am going to write about my research. It is about children development. Children have ability to learn and development, but they a lot of advice and orientation. Parents and society can help them to become developed. Also , their houses have active role in their development. Income have a good reason to help them. A competition between children is a good advantage in this side. Children must learn a good things inside home and others outside home. On the other hand there are a good ways to learn them like take them to theater, group playing, teach them a positive word like , please , thanks and sorry . The school also have a goal to encourage them through teach children how they can act in the school theater .The television become a community window, so our children can learn and improve over it. Parent and society have a main point for children, so they responsible to help them to achieve a nice life.

Research Findings

In my research, I have explained every thing about the children obesity. About the obesity effect in their body, the ban effect in the traders and the traders reaction effect in the government. My research leans on many researches by many professors and universities. Also, I have explained the advantages and the disadvantages of the banning. And I have showed you that the government should make the ban because of the benefit of that to our children health and to their future. I have tolled you that the obesity grows up by more than double percentage from the last twenty year. I have said in my research that this problem going to grow up every day. We must do some thing to stop it. I have given an idea I have get it from UK magazine. It said that we should make a tax for the junk food. When I made my searching about the result of this idea. I have found that it is success. So, I discuss to make it in our country to help our children from that disease.

My research findings

In past couple of weeks,I did some research about junk food ads on TV. Through all those work that people already done on this topic. I can see that most of people are for banning junk food ads on TV. Which I think it’s just the only way they can think of, easy enough to conduct; less relevant measures would be attached. However those people didn’t really do a lot of work into how much junk food ads on TV would affect people to gain more weight. This is the point of whether we should ban it or not. Unfortunately, people are just called for “ban junk food ads on TV” without knowing why it matters. They just think it makes sense, then they do it. Which should not happening when government are trying to make some big decisions that might change people’s life. It should be more convincing and scientific. So,more persuasive proof should be given to not waste of a lot of public resources. Nevertheless, those papers and research on the topic really didn’t say a word about it. At least, I didn’t read any of articles mentioned how much junk food ads affected people’s health issue.They are somehow relevant but irrelevant directly.

That is pretty much I want to say about my research findings.

research findings

Based on my research, i find out that junk food advertisement is a common phenomena that happens in every developed country in the world. It is always a controversial issue in every country because the government try to reduce the junk food advertisement in order to have a healthy and productive citizens. Even the junk food company itself, make an initiative to prevent kids from getting influenced with the junk food advertisements. By advertising a product on TV, a company can make a lot of money because people will get attracted to their product and will buy it. It also happened to any company that sells any kind of product, as the media plays an important role to promote and spread some information. As the matter of fact, junk foods contain some chemicals that will make people that eat it become addicted to it. It can also brings harm to human’s health if they keep eating junk food and have no awareness about it. I also started to realize that junk food is also costly, contrary with what most people thought about it. Believe it or not, home-cook food cost more cheaper than if we buy junk food and it is way more healthy too. In addition, the junk food usually have a set of meal for kids that contain toys in order to attract them although it is a useless and boring toy to play with, to be honest.



I thing technology has a lot of benefits for examples we used the blog in writing and communication classes to share our topics so, I can see other student’s blogs and they can do the same. On the other hand our teachers used to review our blogs and give us notices about them. In addition, we can practice typing and learn to do citation for the work. My assay topic is about banning Junk Food advertisement on T.V. I worked on my research in our computer lab at WVU. I logged into WVU library web site and found some academic sources for my topic. These resources had helped to prove my opinion about the bad effects of the junk food ads, and how much it is necessary to ban those ads.

Research summery

What I learn from the research I made about excessive benefits. Is that there is no age limit to doing exercise and u shouldn’t take that as an excuse. Old people can do it and young people should do it as well and make it as part of their daily routine. Also I learned that physical therapy that some people may end up doing does not include on lost health insurance. And it cost I a lot of money. The thing is doing exercises prevent us from getting any physical therapy. And it doesn’t cost of a lot time just 30 minutes daily should be enough. It can be done in swimming activists or as simple as jugging . Gyms also available in every place so it won’t take any effort to go there. Also exercises can prevent illness like cousminr said he got Ill quickly because he didn’t  do any exercises because of college stress and social life. I can sometime relate to that because am trying to start going back to the gum but sometime I get lazy or busy and I can’t find the time for it in my life. But I’ll try to find a way to get it in my daily routine. Am sure it will prevent a lot of injuries and back pain that may occur because of my age .

Research findings

My topic is the Junk Food Tax. I found some research about obesity, tax, and disease. As a result, I could learn something. First, in fact, junk food tax is enforced by some countries such as Denmark. I did not know that it exists. Second, I could lean the ranking of obese country. No.1 is, of course, America, No.2 is China, No.3 is India, No.4 is Russia, No.5 is Brazil, No.6 is Mexico, No.7 is Egypt, No.8 is Germany, No.9 is Pakistan, No.10 is Indonesia. I was surprised that China is second obese country. Third, I could learn that the unhealthy food give us bad effect. For instance, you may have high blood pressure, and you may get hurt disease. It is dangerous things. If you continue to eat unhealthy food, you maybe die. I think each government in the world should impose the tax, and the government should save the nations.

Child stars and society

Every one in this world has some dreams, and they want those dreams to become real. Some people have an unusual dream such as being famous and become a movie star. Some times this fame starts from an early and young age, as we see in the movies and TV shows now a days there a lot of children that became famous at very young age, but it is not an easy way to be like them, especially at that age because you must be talented and know how to act perfectly like them. This kind of fame has its advantages and disadvantages too. But I strongly believe that they shouldn’t become famous at that age because it has a lot of risks, also it is hard to survive in that life.
The advantages of this life are many, such as having a lot of money so they can buy whatever they want to buy, having a lot of job opportunities in the future and traveling around the world to shoot their movies, films or TV shows. But all of that is not important as the real life, the life of being with your family and friends. Also finishing the studies to have a great job that is comfortable. However it has also some disadvantages which I think its more important than the advantages, such as missing a lot of school days, which means missing a lot of lessons and classes and you need they need those because they are the key to the real life and future. Also it may lead to problems between the family members too, especially from the financial side.
In conclusion, This life has its own good and bad things, but I thinks its not that necessary to become famous at that age because it will be a hard life and it may lead to some problems.