Me and My Zodiac

Student analysis of their zodiac sign and its relevance to them.

Monkey 92

According to the Chinese zodic I’m a Monkey, and the sign says, meaning steel, sign of fruits hardening, a need for one last push. people who born under the sign of the Monkey are likely to view life as series of quick. A Monkey is likely to experience a number of swings in their mood and temperament when they interact with other people. Happy and  energetic. I agree with some points and disagree with other.

The Rooster at the Zodiac

Sometimes when you are compared to an animal so many things can come into your mind. Normally in Brazil we associate the people with the bad qualities that are presents at animals. But in another perspective to be compared to an animal can be very nice. My Chinese zodiac says that I was born at the year of the Rooster. In some points I have some qualities of the rooster, one of I most identify myself it’s to be resourceful. In a lot off situations that I pass trough I was capable to solve the problems that was ahead. But the most of characteristics that is associated with the rooster I don’t have like been a very good observant or care to much for the appearance. I’m Brazil a man that is called a Rooster is a man that have many women and that is not cool. I don’t want a Rooster as a pet because I don’t live at a farm and I don’t think these kind of animal wold be able to live at an apartment.

Metal horse

Reading a little about my sign I discovered that a lot of what they says about people of horse sign is compatible with my personality, people of horse sign like adventure,they like to be with other people and normally are very strong, loyal and persistent people. These qualities agree with my way to take the life. In other side, people of this sign are narrow minded, actually I’m a little stubborn, I wouldn’t say narrow mind because I’m very opened person for other ideas, but I tend to like to discuss with them and for a non patient person I can be taken just like a narrow mind person. By the date I was born I discovered that I’m a metal horse, this characterize me just like a reliable, effortful, leader and a very interested person on different topics. I think this is very closed to my personality, finally I think my chinese sign says a lot about me.


i was born in 1994, so my Chinese Zodiac is Dog. IT means honest, caring, and modest I’m always there for my friends. and I may at times seem cold and unfriendly to people who don’t know me. Actually i don’t believe about Chinese Zodiac, but I think that I have most of these traits because i’m  always honest and caring about my friends if they involve in some problems such as, education, Financial، traveling, and other stuff. Also I’m modest, that means i don’t like to show off even if i have a lot of money. on other hand,  a lot of people when first time i meet them. they feel uncomfortable with me because i don’t care about them. actually people consider a dog is a weird animal. most of Omanis don’t like them because they’re dirty. but recently, couple of young people start to keep dogs in their home at a capital city. because they think it’s a friendly animal for people. in my view, i don’t want have a pet as a dog for many reason. first I’m not familiar with dogs so i don’t like it. secondly it needs a huge Responsibility. finally, I’m a broud of my country so i always go back home and i don’t have place to keep it with.


I was born in 1994; I think I’m very lucky because I bored in this year. In the Chinese Zodiac my animal sign is Dog sing, and my sign say “Honest, caring, and modest. You are always there for your friends. You may at times seem cold and unfriendly to people who don’t know you” I agree one hundred percent with this sign it’s very similar to my personality. In my country people think like its kind of negative personality, because the person have to be  friendly with all people even if they are enemies. I like to be my animal as a pet, actually a I already have it in Syria because dogs they are very loyally.


name:yhyah taher                                                                                                                                      gold A2

First of all , i was born in 1995.And it is the same with boar.And i feel disappointed because i had wish to be with the same dragon or tiger.Because we all know that tiger and dragon had a courage and they fight any one when some one stop them way.But when i remembered the information of boar that it has a lot of advantages such as honest and quite.Not just that,also work hard to reach your goals.In addition,care about your special friends.Furthermore,but my zodiac is same my personality such as work hard and honest with people.But i told you before that boar in my country is very bad and it is very ugly,and they avoid them.And about me , i hate it very much and i don’t like it.Also i don’t want to be boar like a pet, the first reason that it is very ugly and it is foul that make me nervous.Also in my culture that i can’t eat it like Europe and i can’t touch it because it is unclean.




Me and my Zodiac

I was born in 1990. According to Chinese Zodiac, I am the horse. And, my animal sign said “popular, outgoing, and cheerful. You are a real people person. Sometimes you are too talkative.” I completely disagree with my Zodiac, because I am not popular, not outgoing, and not cheerful. My personality is absolutely opposite side. I do not like to talk to people, and I do not expect too much from other people, because everybody lies. I do not trust anybody. I have a lot of negative thinking, so my zodiac is inappropriate for me.

In my country, people think the horse is smart, loyal, and active. Sometimes, the horses are used as racehorses. They even become food such as Basashi which is raw meat of horse. In general, horses are not for pets, because they are so big that we cannot have them in our house.

Me And MY Zodiac

      The Chinese zodiac it is famous thing that some people are belive on it and some are not. In my point of viwe,  it is interesting thing to know about my birth year was in 1993 so my zodiac is rooster and i,m kind of people who belives in this is stuff littil bet. The zodiac shows that people who have rooster zodiac are have these personality which are want to be very successful and just say things to make people look up. I do not know if i,m agree with that or not because I can not see me behavior however, sometimes I did try to do so actions in order to make my friends laughter or to brake the ice berg and     of corse I want to be successful in my life. By the way, in my country we have differ viwe at rooster      we are belive that he is strong ainmal can lead his house and protct his famile and make their living and and always feels jealous about his women. In conclusion, Ido not think  that I can has it as a pet I agree that he is goog natured but he is filthy and really needs respnsablty to take care oh him and also he is vain.

Me and My Zodiac


My zodiac is BOAR !

My Zodiac says : Generally quiet and honest. You work hard toward your goals. You don’t have many friends , but you are very considerate to the friends you have.

I agree one hundred percent , it’s close pretty much to my personality . I think nobody in our country has a boar as a pet or also for eating ,because all Muslims think he is dirty and full of diseases, and also because it is taboo in our religion for any any reason , except in necessary situations , like if you lost in desert and you were very hungry you able to eat boar if you find one. In my opinion i think the boar is filthy and high maintenance, and i think he looks kind of ugly and noisy .