Family Matters

Freedom and maturity work together

Freedom is necessary, however, it’s necessary to impose limits because too much of everything is not beneficial. Being overprotective with children can impair the development of children. It is necessary to allow children to have experiences for themselves, and so they are able to stimulate their skills and find out what is right and what is wrong. This does not mean letting them do what they want, when they want. Parents should allow children to give their opinions, but might know the time to say “no”, not only accept something that teenagers want, when the motivation is just maintain good socializing at home. On the other hand, teenagers should be able to hear “no” and take advice from their parents because they have gone through everything the teenagers are going through, so they already are experienced and know what is best for their children.
I believe that teenagers should, rather, have your own privacy, but it does not mean that they should not give any satisfaction to the parents, after all, they are still dependent on their parents for everything.
The big problem with this stage of life is that everything must be done responsibly, because winning the freedom of parents can be easy, but act immaturely and lose their trust, it is even more.



my lovely family

i am glad to talk or write about my lovely family. my father had married my mother when he was 25 years old. and my mother was 23 years old. after one year of the marriage they got one daughter who is called Arwa. then after two year they got a son ( Ahmed ). he is my older bother. the i was born after Ahemd by one year. unfortunately, when i was kid 3 months ago, my father had a car accident so he passed away. i have never seen my dad :(. I had grown up with my mother and my grand father who i consider him my step father. when i was 8 years old, my uncle married my mother. then they they got my two brother in three years. then they build a big house and i have my own room in it. After 7 years my mom sired 4 sons and two daughters. so now we are all 6 brothers, three daughters, and my mother. I’m so happy to have this awesome friendly family. we are always close to each others. Also we don’t have any family problems. we help each other. and alway my family motivate me to study hard and do well in the education. Actually when i was 12 years old, , my older brother was always arguing me. i was upset at him. but now everything is going  fine in my family. i think god about that. and i wish to marry and have a successful, and big family as my family is  now.

My Family

In the last few decades families were bigger than now, they were very proud in big family, and they were have more than nine to ten children. But have a big family make the life harder, because you have to work hard to feed them, but now families in general became smaller than before. For example my father family were very big like my father has nine brothers, and sisters and he has six uncles and aunts, but now my family is consider not big and not small it’s in the middle like I have one brother his is older than me and his name is Moayad, He is studying medicine in Damascus university, and I have two sisters them name are Mayasa, and Maysam their name related with flower they are in elementary school. I have very lovely family we are very close to each other. We eat all the time together it’s rarely to eat alone. And I have my grandmother from my father she live at her house but even that we don’t leave her alone all the time we go to her house and help her and I like to sleep at her house because she is very hospitable.

First of all, I’d like to talk about my family that they are living in Kuwait.So i will explain how can my family teach me in all of my life when i was a child.First thing, I was very lucky because i have a special family,that they care about me and every time that they advice me about every thing, for example,when i had a mistake they usually teach me how can i fix my problem,and they give me a chance to fix my fault.Also they didn’t put a strict rules in my life,because they know that is very terrible when they forced to do thing.Because when i will be growth that they can’t stop me for every thing cause that i have every thing.Also they will be older so they can’t do every thing for me.So just from the beginning they learn me how to go in the right way in my life.

When talking about the education of children never arrived at a consensus. Evaluate, accurately, as education should be taken in general is very difficult because a child is different from another and this way is very difficult to follow a pattern.
I think there is a need for balance between the liberal and the controller. There are things that a child has no capacity to choose, in these cases it is important that parents know say no and keep control of the situation. However in other cases the child needs freedom to do things for herself, thus grow as a person.
The ideal type of education should be shaped to the specific context of child without following a pattern.


Family Matters

Family matters


I would like to talk about my family, first my family from Saudi Arabia, and I will explain our relationship between each other. My parents are always taking care of us, because they love us, for example they give us money, good food, and everything we want. They sent me here to study alone because they want me to be successful man. In the end, I really love them very much and I miss them all the time

To begin with, during my childhood, my parents raised me strictly. In my opinion, this is a good way to raise children because it had a positive effect on me. I have learnt that you can’t have anything you want, anytime you please. I have learned to be precise between what I want and what I need. For example, my friend has been raised not too strictly from his childhood, being spoiled most of the time. Now, he is independant, as well was being insecure, especially when making decisions. That being said, I’ve learnt from this comparison and I will be strict with my children so that they will be able to handle responsibities when they grow up. By being strict, I don’t mean violent, but just enough so that they can be independant in their futures. I’ll also give this advice to my friend so that he can learn from his parents’ mistakes.

Good Family

Having your own family is such a big responsibility especially if you have a lot of children and they need a special treatment. When I was young, my parents always wanted to treat me in a good way but that made me feel that I’m not free, especially in teen age. But when I grew up and became an adult, I realized that all the thing bad or good that they have done it for me was for my benefit and to become a good or better person in future. personally, I would and I will try to do my best to make my children become a good people and let them know from the beginning the differences between the right and the wrong thing so they don’t think I don’t love them. Teenager should have a special treatment and they should have their own privacy, but also they should ask their parent for any advice, help, or even opinions. Parents should try to be a friends to their children before being just a father and mother, because children when they see their parents are very kind, close to them, understand them and forgive them when they do a wrong thing and show them the right way instead of hitting them or get angry, they would feel comfortable and would tell their parents everything easily.

Family matters

Family matters each family use different strategy to grow up their children however there were old strategies an the past totally different of know. In the past the parents used to be more strict than know it was when the father said some order to the kids they will had done it and we could see as well how was the oldest or children or respectful and successful tan now. Lately the parents use lenient strategies with growing up kids they just let them do whatever they would and we could see how most of them are spoiled even if they are not we could see some bad behaviour such as procrastinate ,an dependence and low discipline. Each family really care about how their kids going to act an future and is hard responsibility for  so in my point of view, they have to use something between these strategies because  the negative is the brother of positive so the family have to use some strategy in between.

Living in family

Everything changes as things evolve, and so do the generations of people, especially in the way families lives and treat themselves. In the past, children were supposed to keep the respect of parents, but with a certain distance. I think the question of children being more close to parents, and vice versa, greatly improved with time. Nowadays, most parents are more open and patients to hear their children, and this should happen also with the children – should better understand their parents – but not always this happens. I think that youth is increasingly seeking freedom and it leads to some family problems, but with a good conversation it can be perfectly solved. Parents are not always right just because they are the parents; they can also make mistakes and it is up to them also admitting when they are wrong too. I believe that family coexistence occurs based on exchanges and sometimes parents should give reason for their children, and sometimes children should give reason for their parents, as well as confidence in one another will be built in a more solid form, and there will be a mutual respect . I intend to be a lenient mother, but always with the consciousness of what are good and right, or what are bad and wrong. First of all, I want to be friend of my children and want that they can see me as a person who will always support them.