Creative Prompt

The amazing Electricity

A lot of people says, I can not imagine the life without my cell phone, TV, internet, mp3 player, video games, and a lot different electronic devices. But does anyone noticed that if we weren’t have an electricity we wouldn’t be able to use any of those electronic devices? In these days we all can see and knows that every single person in our life can’t spend a whole day without using an electronic device, even in schools the classrooms has a technologist options such as, computers and projectors. Young and old people use and electronic devices everyday without noticing that it’s all because of the electricity, without electricity we couldn’t spend our day in schools, works as normal as we have it. If we were without electricity, we wouldn’t have air-conditioner, heaters, we wouldn’t watch TV everyday, we wouldn’t do our jobs and home works such as writing blogs in internet, we wouldn’t make a phone calls because our cell phones would be died and out of battery, we wouldn’t drink a cold drinks because the fridges would be out of service too. we all should be so thankful for such a great gift that called Electricity. If there was not an electricity, I wouldn’t be who I’m today.

A world without internet

There are a lot of things that I like to much, but I think that be without internet would make me crazy, that why I think that today the internet is my favorite thing of the world  and I could not live without that. By the internet is possible to keep in touch with a lot of people that is living away from me and is possible to solve a lot of problems using this resource. I keep thinking how would be the world without internet, if the government prohibit that. I think a alternative system would be create and only certainly people would have access , it’d be a very different world and everything would be very difficult. I would take some way to  have access to that system, maybe I’d pay to black market to have access to a system next to what we have nowadays. But actually I think that if the internet comes prohibit it would not be very functional to have access to a ilegal one because at moment that the access is difficult the communication would have only one way and it’d not work. But luckily a world without internet would be almost impossible to happen because it’d be a big regress.




First of all,the first important thing in my life is football.It is a half of my life,because when you love football then you can’t leave it what ever the causes.Also when you love football you will live in another life that make you feel happy and more exciting,with football you will feel happy, with football you will feel some courage.So i would like to talk about my football that it changes my life.

First thing, when i was a child i have a lot of problems in my life specially from my family that they always fight with each other,and i always cry and i felt sad when they do that.So that make me feel when i have a bad dream.On the other hand.all of my days just crying and sad about my family.But i decided to look forward,for instance,exercise my hobby.And the first hobby in my life is football.And this moment,i didn’t care about my family that just make me feel sad,so just i play football that make me feel very happy and i  feel it is my life.I always plays football every day that changed my life to better.Also when i see my family had a problem, i just go out side and play football that changed my mood from sad to happy.

So, in conclusion,I think when some one have a special thing in his life,that it will change his life to better,it might being him happy in his life.

The Information Age

Technology has become part of our lives. Today we live in the information age and all that surrounds us, as commerce, education and politics, depends on technology and an efficient communication. I think the thing I would miss most, and not only me, but the modernized society as a whole, would be the internet.
To talk with friends or family, make a purchase, find an address or make a bank transfer, the internet becomes a facilitator of daily life. Of course there was life before the Internet, but people were not used to the easiness and they had other methods that, at that time would be sufficient and efficient. However, “end up” with the internet or makes it illegal nowadays would be disastrous, as we become dependent on it for numerous things.
Our reality is the communication. The absence of an efficient method of exchanging information between different sectors of society, would be a huge barrier, for example, for the economy, because with globalization, the whole world is in constant contact.
Anyway, for me, the thing I would have greatest difficulty would be to live without the internet. Through it ​​I am always in touch with my friends and family, especially now that I am a month away from home and will stay one more year.


my phone

If my favorite thing in the world were outlawed, how would I cope!  I can’t even imagine how I can live with out my phone! How I can live without contact my friends by phone! I think that I will have tough life without my phone. Right now my friend is my phone. When I feel bored, I use my phone. I have a lot of video games in my phone, so I play by them. Also I have a lot of social media’s programs such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and keak, kik, snapchat. And we chat. I can by these programs contact with the world. I can know new news in the world and t’s going on it.  Im far away from my family. So everyday I contact with them by these programs. If I don’t have it. I get to visit my family each semester because I will feel homesick. Im so close from my family. The people in the world will get hard time to communicate with each others with out the phones. They will need to connect by computer. And as al we know it’s hard to move the computer with you because it’a so big. But the phone has a great size to carry with you.

Something changing in my life

They are many things  that I can not  imagine my life without them such us my friends back home when i came to USA I live without them and here my story started. In the beginning I got tired and i felt like I’m not going to get along with anybody I thought that nobody going to understand me us they were and this was a fact i misunderstood a lot of people I met here and a lot of them did. I almost gave up and I was wondering do i’m going to be alone .Since then I decided to change and give myself another chance and connect with people. I started talk with people around my i met many kind of people with different personality I like some I dislike other it was interesting for my even i met other people from other side of my country that I have not expected to get  along with them ever i took from there behaviour they took of main either    I chang my  vision of my life. Absolutely my old friends still the best for me because we grow up to gather and we have the same vision too but it was astonishing to know other people and make other friends even if they have different opinion.


In the last few centuries people from different countries was founding difficult to communicate other each other. They were using specific kind from birds to send the letters to each other, but know they invented something you can use for it for access to whatever you want, and you can communicate with people in any point in this world. This invention is called web site this one changed all the world by make the distance shorter than past I mean as in said make this life easier. I think without this invention this life it will be very hard. For me I cannot live internet because all my works as I do it on it, when I came here to USA for sure I need to talk with my family and without it we cannot, if I want to communicate with them I have to wait for more than month because my letter will take a long time to arrive there but know we can call them by many different social apps such as What’sApp, Viber , Line, and Skype those app make the life easier. Finally access to the internet make the life easier and the communicate easier too than the past.

The magic of guitar is in our creativity

It’s natural of the human being use their creativity in some way. and the development of humanity, were been improving tools for this. A very common tool nowadays is the guitar, which was originated from a mix of different cultures, but was in Spain that became similar to what we have today.

Since a child, I have always been fascinated by music, by the influence of my father. And as a way to express myself, I learned to play with eleven years old, and since then I’ve always tried to dedicate myself to learn new things, to make best use of. I always played in moments of sadness, or when I wanted to demonstrate my joy, and almost always in my free time. I can say that the guitar walked with me at all times of my life, and I want to keep playing during my whole life.

But the magic of the guitar isn’t on the strings or in the wood, but in who performs it. I’m not talking about necessarily in the fingers, but in the inspiration that is behind all movements. movements. Then, if someday play guitar were prohibited, no doubt that for me it will be a big pain, but like every human being, I will seek another ways to express myself, with others instruments. It is obvious that all the years of practice will make me desire to play again and probably seek alternative ways (I’m a month without playing here in Morgantown and I miss it), but I think it would be something manageable.


Life without music

I caught myself imagining if the music get be prohibited, like one day will wake up in the morning and all the radios will be mute, all the mp3 devices or any music player will be confiscated. It’s like a part of the life of the people was take off for some absurd reason. I believe if that happen, it’s gonna have a secret market to you heard songs and dark hidden taverns where the musicians could make music to relive their souls. Absolutely sure the people will go out the streets and fight for the right to listen music. I believe the music is not just a hobby, like for me the music almost the time represent what I’m felling and sometimes determine my humor.

I believe the music have a big importance in the history of every part of the world, we always can associate the style of music with a time in history. Prohibiting that someone can make a huge hole in history, lots of them was songs thought generations before turn in books like Odyssey by Homer.

That prohibition won’t last to much time because people will try to break that low in a lot of ways and the government don’t gonna be able to keep that restrictions

The most favorite thing for me

Hello everyone..

I want to  talk about what is the favorite thing i like to use, which is the cellphone. I can’t imagine someday the cellphone will be outlawed, because nobody in the world doesn’t has a cell phone, but if this happened, that will a global issue , because all the people used to communicate with each other by cell phones , therefore that is going to reduce the communication among people, and also people won’t be able to have many friends as if it allows to use for people. And that will make against the law and get it, might they will follow the instructions then they won’t follow it, if they stopped selling it people are going to find by anyway even if that way is illegal or not. They will go to Black Market which is specializing in illegal things any they sell it with the double price. So i think they must not be outlawed,  and the people will go towards the black markets and pay whatever they have to get a phone to let them communicate with their friends and do some business with the cell phone because that will save money and time, and also there isn’t any reason to be outlawed.