Marcello Subtil Santi

The man from the forest

In Brazil we have a legend about an indian called Curupira. This legend is stronger at the country regions of Brazil. The history says that Curupira leaves at the forest of Brazil. He looks like a little guy with a red head (looks like it’s on fire) and his feet are turned to behind, because of that the people have difficulties to find him. He is like a protector of the nature, his principal duty is protect the trees, flowers and the animals from the forest. To make fear to hunters and lumberjacks he can make loudly noises and do illusions to scare those people. Besides have the feet turn to back he can run in an amazing speed and that it’s another reason to the people and hunters can’t find him. The legend says that he loves to rest in the shadow of trees. One thing he likes to do is to enchant the children and take them to live with him in the forest, after he teaches the secrets of the forest he give the children back to their home after seven years. We don’t have any good clue of Curupira existence but stories always have a little bit of true.

Life without music

I caught myself imagining if the music get be prohibited, like one day will wake up in the morning and all the radios will be mute, all the mp3 devices or any music player will be confiscated. It’s like a part of the life of the people was take off for some absurd reason. I believe if that happen, it’s gonna have a secret market to you heard songs and dark hidden taverns where the musicians could make music to relive their souls. Absolutely sure the people will go out the streets and fight for the right to listen music. I believe the music is not just a hobby, like for me the music almost the time represent what I’m felling and sometimes determine my humor.

I believe the music have a big importance in the history of every part of the world, we always can associate the style of music with a time in history. Prohibiting that someone can make a huge hole in history, lots of them was songs thought generations before turn in books like Odyssey by Homer.

That prohibition won’t last to much time because people will try to break that low in a lot of ways and the government don’t gonna be able to keep that restrictions

When talking about the education of children never arrived at a consensus. Evaluate, accurately, as education should be taken in general is very difficult because a child is different from another and this way is very difficult to follow a pattern.
I think there is a need for balance between the liberal and the controller. There are things that a child has no capacity to choose, in these cases it is important that parents know say no and keep control of the situation. However in other cases the child needs freedom to do things for herself, thus grow as a person.
The ideal type of education should be shaped to the specific context of child without following a pattern.


My Favorite Holly-day: Christmas

I like the Christmas because it’s a time to get the family together. Every year it’s very special because you have the people who you love around you and feelings like happiness and peaceful. One of the coolest things is the secret friend, when you sort names of people for each one than you buy a present for that person. Than when the family is together you say characteristics always appears funny situations that make everybody laugh.

Then you have the dinner, always with a lot of food made by my grandmother and everything is very good. Always have a turkey, pork loin, Greek rice, fruits and much more. For desert we have ice cream, grandmothers pie and mousse. You want to eat everything and after that you fell like very full almost ill because the amount of food you eat.

It’s nice gain presents to. I like very much when someone give you something because of this gesture show of that people really loves you and remember of you in a very special day to everyone.

One of my best memories it’s when I won my first acoustic guitar it was a black guitar made by Tagima. I still have that guitar and I love to play with them because that bring to me nice memories from that day.


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The best news

I always have the dream of study in United Sates, and when a receive the approval letter from WVU by the program Science Without Borders it make possible to me realize one of m biggest dreams. That news is changing my life forever, the opportunity to study in this country will make me a better Civil Engineer and the opportunity to learn English with people that have this language as the mother language will give to me a better position on the race for work.

Other news that change my life it was that my aunt adopted a baby. His name is Lucas Gabriel and he came to our family to bring happiness and love for a new life that become. She have the natural gift to be a real good mother and she fight a lot to bring this child, that is not going to have future with his blood mother, to make that baby be loved ans treat how a child deserves.

These two news let me very happy, the first make me very proud of myself because it is a thing that I conquered with my personal hard work. And the second one bring to me the chance to be a cousin for one more time and the chance to teach me how to love and care for another person that come on in my life.

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The Rooster at the Zodiac

Sometimes when you are compared to an animal so many things can come into your mind. Normally in Brazil we associate the people with the bad qualities that are presents at animals. But in another perspective to be compared to an animal can be very nice. My Chinese zodiac says that I was born at the year of the Rooster. In some points I have some qualities of the rooster, one of I most identify myself it’s to be resourceful. In a lot off situations that I pass trough I was capable to solve the problems that was ahead. But the most of characteristics that is associated with the rooster I don’t have like been a very good observant or care to much for the appearance. I’m Brazil a man that is called a Rooster is a man that have many women and that is not cool. I don’t want a Rooster as a pet because I don’t live at a farm and I don’t think these kind of animal wold be able to live at an apartment.