Elias Galvan do Lima

The mysteries natura phenomena

There are a lot mysteries in the life that usually takes away our sleep, I think that one of the most incredible sources of big mysteries may be the nature, just like when occurs big storms and a hurricane destroy a lot of thinks lifting only some special building inteire, just as churches and places with deep means to human beings. For example, I’ve already heard about big earthquakes that destroyed a lot of buildings and killed a lot people and only a church stayed entire, so in these cases we keep think, is just a coincidence or there really is a divine force behind that to keep everything up. We’ll never know because these phenomena are so much complex to understand by the science, so while we are only able to imagine about that.

A world without internet

There are a lot of things that I like to much, but I think that be without internet would make me crazy, that why I think that today the internet is my favorite thing of the world  and I could not live without that. By the internet is possible to keep in touch with a lot of people that is living away from me and is possible to solve a lot of problems using this resource. I keep thinking how would be the world without internet, if the government prohibit that. I think a alternative system would be create and only certainly people would have access , it’d be a very different world and everything would be very difficult. I would take some way to  have access to that system, maybe I’d pay to black market to have access to a system next to what we have nowadays. But actually I think that if the internet comes prohibit it would not be very functional to have access to a ilegal one because at moment that the access is difficult the communication would have only one way and it’d not work. But luckily a world without internet would be almost impossible to happen because it’d be a big regress.



There is a right way to take care a kid?

To have a kid is a big challenge and the parents have to be very prepared to face all the  problemas that kids and teenager may cause, but also they certainly will enjoy a lot their great companies. I believe that greats parents should consider a lot of things on rearing theirs children, I think that they shouldn’t be so overprotective, living the do their own mistakes and learn with that. They must left the kids have their own space to make them learn how to administrate their own life, as the same case, I think the kids should help the parents in decisions at home to they recognize their own importance and they I think they should be listen, as well because they are part of the family. I think the physical punishment should not be use, only on extremes cases, but it’s always going to be a coward way to handle the problems.

As well the parents should take care of the teenagers, they fave to be very respectful with the older people and listem to them, always obeying the parents be ok with they obligations at home and school. They must have the chance to take their own decisions as well have their own space at home.

There are a lot of ways to take care of kids and no one is perfect, the kids and the parents should encounter a middle way that is going to be good and profitable for both, by this ways kids and parents will be more closed to each other

The Carnival holiday

I think that my favorite holiday is the carnival and I believe that many Brazilians  just like foreigns think just like me. In Brazil we are used to do a lot of partis during this holiday that begins at friday night and finish only at wednesday’s afternoon. In every country we can see many different ways to celebrate, usually there are enormous parades where the people exhibits themselves with colorful costumes at the ground or in big cars, normally in theses places there’s a lot of party and happy people celebrating the date. But in almost every place of the country everybody gets out to streets, dance a lot, have fun, meet new people, normally they are in costumes and is very normal to see adult people drinking especially beer. There are also biggest parties that do not play the apical music we heard at the streets, this electronics parties are very nice and funny and each year get bigger and bigger. A lot of people enjoy these day to go to the Brazilians beaches to enjoy the end of the summer by resting a little or even parting at this places. This holiday stops all the country and everybody have great moments. I usually go to Floripa a city that is just like 300 km from the city where I live and have a lot of fun with my friends at the beaches, streets parties, tradicional and electronic parties. I think that is one of the most nice holidays of the world.


The begin of my career

A lot of notices are really important in my live, lucky they usually were very happy. I think that one of the most important notices that I’ve ever have earned was when I knew that I was accepted to the university, it was very difficult to get that and firstly got prepared. When I got that notice I realize that so much things were begin to change in my life. In a first moment I was in contact with very important people in my area, those persons which were developeing the knowledge in the area that I used to be fascinated. Then I realized that I was knowing a lot of importante collegues that were going to be my best friend to the rest of my life. To get the university was the first step for begin my walk on the world, a thing that actually I always desired. At that moment, a lot of emotion came together, I lot of tests, a lot of paper, a lot of homeworks were necessary till I got what I desired since my application, but surprisingly to get the title wasn’t such incredible as to enter in the college, because at that moment I just begin to realize that a lot of work still have to be done till I actually fell like a professional.profissionais-eficientes

The singles’ dream



Every single person dream with their independence and their own place, it’s always a great opportunity to receive friends and be away from everything that is stressful in this world. The news apartment from the Downtown Building have one bedroom, a very practical kitchen integrated with the living room and a increrable view from the porch, this place can also be used as dinner room if the weather is favorable. This place, the single dream is a pefect apartament that fits inside of orcament. Call to ours broker and they will help you to find the best plan to you realized your first dream.

Metal horse

Reading a little about my sign I discovered that a lot of what they says about people of horse sign is compatible with my personality, people of horse sign like adventure,they like to be with other people and normally are very strong, loyal and persistent people. These qualities agree with my way to take the life. In other side, people of this sign are narrow minded, actually I’m a little stubborn, I wouldn’t say narrow mind because I’m very opened person for other ideas, but I tend to like to discuss with them and for a non patient person I can be taken just like a narrow mind person. By the date I was born I discovered that I’m a metal horse, this characterize me just like a reliable, effortful, leader and a very interested person on different topics. I think this is very closed to my personality, finally I think my chinese sign says a lot about me.