Eduarda Lee Ferreira Lima

Mysteries of life

About 3 years ago my father fell from a ladder and had a faint. People who was around called an ambulance and took him to the hospital. He was okay, but then my father reported that all the time he was faint and unconscious, he could see everything happening from above, like he was out of his body. He does not like to talk about it, but I really believe that whenever there is a link between this world and some other supernatural. I believe in reincarnation and that people are always looking to evolve from one life to another. Many people report unusual experiences, and it is very common to hear people saying “It seems like I know you from another life.” and I think it is really possible. Life is surrounded by several mysteries, and I would like to understand a little more about it, so I want to learn more about spiritualism. But the truth is that nobody knows everything that is around us, and life, especially other lives after this, it is an eternal mystery.

My favorite thing in the world

My favorite thing in the world is food. Not just me, but all people in the world can not live without it. In my country, Brazil, the food is very diverse and very typical according to each region, but generally, most are delicious. Although I am pretty boring with some ingredients, I like to eat most foods of my region, mainly my state – Minas Gerais -, and when I was in my hometown it was usual for me eat all the time. Some of my favorite foods are pasta, sandwiches, lasagne and a shredded chicken wrapped in a mass, called ”coxinha”. When I arrived in America I felt how much the food is different here and it still is very hard to me,  but I am trying not to be so resistant to trying new things. If the food was outlawed from the world, everyone would die, unless we invent capsules that could feed all of the nutrient requirements people need and these kind of stuff, but I honestly prefer our real food. A certain type of food can be adorable for someone, and detestable  for anothers; but I believe that this is related to the culture of each person. But it is interesting that people can try different kinds of food and see what suits you.







Living in family

Everything changes as things evolve, and so do the generations of people, especially in the way families lives and treat themselves. In the past, children were supposed to keep the respect of parents, but with a certain distance. I think the question of children being more close to parents, and vice versa, greatly improved with time. Nowadays, most parents are more open and patients to hear their children, and this should happen also with the children – should better understand their parents – but not always this happens. I think that youth is increasingly seeking freedom and it leads to some family problems, but with a good conversation it can be perfectly solved. Parents are not always right just because they are the parents; they can also make mistakes and it is up to them also admitting when they are wrong too. I believe that family coexistence occurs based on exchanges and sometimes parents should give reason for their children, and sometimes children should give reason for their parents, as well as confidence in one another will be built in a more solid form, and there will be a mutual respect . I intend to be a lenient mother, but always with the consciousness of what are good and right, or what are bad and wrong. First of all, I want to be friend of my children and want that they can see me as a person who will always support them.

My favorite Holiday – Saint John

My favorite one is St. John‘s Holiday, which is celebrated on June 24. John Baptist was Jesus’s cousin, and the person who baptized him. This holiday is celebrated  in some countries and throughout Brazil. Despite this holiday be June 24, we celebrate it for some days, which parties are called Juninas Party, making a reference to June. In this holiday people make a lot of typical food, that in portuguese we call quentão, canjica, pé de moleque... The typical dance is called quadrilha, and is danced by couples around a bonfire. People always decorate the places with lots of colored flags and wear typical clothes, like long colored dresses, straw hats, chess t-shirts, boots and that kind of stuff.  I like this holiday because everyone is very excited and there are many parties in various locations.





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The best news I’ve ever received

The best news I’ve ever received was in 2012, about my mother’s health recuperation. My mother got sick and nobody knew what was going on. She passed some days in the hospital without no diagnosis, feeling hurt and weak. One week later the doctors discovered that she had an aneurysm in her heart, and they didn’t know how she had survived all those days, because most people who has this illness, dies in few hours or days. My mother needed an emergency surgery, which was high risk, and the doctors said she had only 10% of chance to survive on it, but if she was not operated, she would die anyway, because there was too much blood splattered all over her body. My family got devasted and the only thing we could do was pray for her. So the doctors quickly took her for the surgery room, and about 10 hours later I received the great notice that she has survived and was supposed to be fine. Few days later she came back home, and she was getting better day after day. Now she has a normal life again, with some specifics cares, obviously. But she works, does the same things she was supposed to love before, goes out and takes care of our family. I feel so blessed to have her alive.