Guilherme Maia Ribeiro Viana

My Life’s Mysteries

When I was a child, I was a really frightened boy. If I saw a zombie in a video game, I would think about it all the night. I couldn’t sleep alone at home, and would never stay a long time in the darkness. I remember that any movie or documentary was really scary if they were based in real facts – but I was curious and always looked for something like that. So every time I was imagining horrifying things when actually they were ordinary, like seeing monster in shadows or feel worried in a quiet night. But I didn’t have any prove or evidence to sustain all my fear of being abducted or possessed.

As far as ever happened to me was several times have had the feeling of being watched, feeling of oppression, heard voices and strange noises, but today I think it was a figment of my imagination. I do not think there are any monsters or ghosts themselves, but I know that exist evil spirits and demons, as there is God who is much more powerful than that.

But in my teenage I needed to pass some weekends alone and learned to not be afraid of everything. In the beginning every weird noise was a reason to be awake all night, but bit by bit I was getting used and becoming very skeptic.

The magic of guitar is in our creativity

It’s natural of the human being use their creativity in some way. and the development of humanity, were been improving tools for this. A very common tool nowadays is the guitar, which was originated from a mix of different cultures, but was in Spain that became similar to what we have today.

Since a child, I have always been fascinated by music, by the influence of my father. And as a way to express myself, I learned to play with eleven years old, and since then I’ve always tried to dedicate myself to learn new things, to make best use of. I always played in moments of sadness, or when I wanted to demonstrate my joy, and almost always in my free time. I can say that the guitar walked with me at all times of my life, and I want to keep playing during my whole life.

But the magic of the guitar isn’t on the strings or in the wood, but in who performs it. I’m not talking about necessarily in the fingers, but in the inspiration that is behind all movements. movements. Then, if someday play guitar were prohibited, no doubt that for me it will be a big pain, but like every human being, I will seek another ways to express myself, with others instruments. It is obvious that all the years of practice will make me desire to play again and probably seek alternative ways (I’m a month without playing here in Morgantown and I miss it), but I think it would be something manageable.


Children will thank in the future

One of the biggest problems in our society is the way that parents educate their children. In Brazil, exist a popular phrase that says: “Home’s habits goes outside”. This phrase means that what we do at home, probably we will do with other people. Our generation is getting used to have everything without big efforts, and we can say that one reason is the parents that let their children do everything the kids and teenagers want. So Parents overprotect when their children needs to pass through suffering to maturate, and at the same time they are too lenient. As the time goes, children starts to think that they have power to say what people have to do or not. They are disrespectful with their parents, they expect to have or do whatever they want. I believe that parents need to be more strict, even if physical punishment were required. It’s not the only or the best way, but if nothing is working in their children’s education, it is as useful solution. When children turn adults, they will recognize and thank for the discipline and love that could maturate them.

Christmas is nice!

My favorite holiday is Christmas. We celebrate on Dec. 25, and is actually a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who came to show us what is true happiness. In Brazil, people have a tradition of gathering the family on the day before, we seek peace with people and have left out family problems. As a memory to the gifts that Jesus received the night before, usually in the family exist an exchange of gifts. In Brazil this date goes in the summer, then it is very different from American culture. Snowman and chimney are things that we do not have in our home. Although the celebration of Christ’s birth, as it is a very strong holiday, everyone celebrates even if it is not Christian. Then some characters appeared to encourage the exchange of gifts, stimulate trade, like Santa Claus. Many people take the opportunity of kindness in their hearts to charity, especially those who think that these things can make them a better person. Anyway, I would spend Christmas at the home of a family that I love. they are Brazilian and live in Dallas. Will be the first Christmas that we’ll see a bit of American culture christmas, and my first Christmas far from my family.


Maia Headphone

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Study Abroad

When I was a child, my old brother said to me that he was moving for one year. He was going to study in Michigan, by his high school. I was too young to understand about longing, and this wasn’t the best news I’ve ever heard. After one year, by the time he come back, I was seeing how much he learned: he came speaking a fluent English, he came talking how is a American School and I saw that it’s very different than Brazilian’s schools. This became a dream for me, and i couldn’t realize it during my high school. I’ve ever heard a lot of how is interesting for a student study abroad, learn different cultures, learn another language, and thousands others reasons. So years later, appeared an opportunity to study here for one year from my College, and I couldn’t let it go. So, every step that I needed to pass until come was a relief. and the day that I received a letter from Brazilian Government saying that I was approved to come to West Virginia University was the first step to make this dream true. I start searching on internet, met people that studied here, was realign excited (and I’m still). That was, without any doubt, the best new I’ve heard.

This photo I took when I landed here in Morgantown, and everything was a new for me.