Diogo Nascimento Silva

The Headless Mule

The headless mule is a legend of Brazilian folklore, originated in the colonial era, which says that if a woman keep a loving relationship with a priest, she would be transformed into a monster: a mule, brown or black, which has in its hooves horseshoes which can be of steel or silver and has fire instead of head.

It is believed that the legend was originated in Catholic populations while the priest should be seen as a saint. Therefore, any woman who had a desire for him would receive that curse.

Some people swear they have seen and heard the creature and said its neighing is too high that can be heard from far and sometimes can moan like a crying woman.

According to the legend, the cursed woman becomes a mule on Thursday night to Friday, mainly when it is Full Moon. And there are two ways to break the curse: boot the halter she owns or stick it, taking at least one drop of your blood.

There is no evidence or proof of the headless mule’s existence, just reports, but we can’t just ignore this mystery that is well known through the whole country and has similar myths in the surrounding Hispanic countries.


The Information Age

Technology has become part of our lives. Today we live in the information age and all that surrounds us, as commerce, education and politics, depends on technology and an efficient communication. I think the thing I would miss most, and not only me, but the modernized society as a whole, would be the internet.
To talk with friends or family, make a purchase, find an address or make a bank transfer, the internet becomes a facilitator of daily life. Of course there was life before the Internet, but people were not used to the easiness and they had other methods that, at that time would be sufficient and efficient. However, “end up” with the internet or makes it illegal nowadays would be disastrous, as we become dependent on it for numerous things.
Our reality is the communication. The absence of an efficient method of exchanging information between different sectors of society, would be a huge barrier, for example, for the economy, because with globalization, the whole world is in constant contact.
Anyway, for me, the thing I would have greatest difficulty would be to live without the internet. Through it ​​I am always in touch with my friends and family, especially now that I am a month away from home and will stay one more year.


Freedom and maturity work together

Freedom is necessary, however, it’s necessary to impose limits because too much of everything is not beneficial. Being overprotective with children can impair the development of children. It is necessary to allow children to have experiences for themselves, and so they are able to stimulate their skills and find out what is right and what is wrong. This does not mean letting them do what they want, when they want. Parents should allow children to give their opinions, but might know the time to say “no”, not only accept something that teenagers want, when the motivation is just maintain good socializing at home. On the other hand, teenagers should be able to hear “no” and take advice from their parents because they have gone through everything the teenagers are going through, so they already are experienced and know what is best for their children.
I believe that teenagers should, rather, have your own privacy, but it does not mean that they should not give any satisfaction to the parents, after all, they are still dependent on their parents for everything.
The big problem with this stage of life is that everything must be done responsibly, because winning the freedom of parents can be easy, but act immaturely and lose their trust, it is even more.



My favorite holiday

My favorite holiday is Christmas. The Christmas is a christian religious holiday which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Besides all lights, tree ornaments, decoration and atmosphere of celebration, Christmas is the time when the whole family get together for Christmas dinner. Is also part of tradition, the families make a joke that intends to exchange gifts among participants, called secret friend. Another important fact to be cited is the presence of the Christmas songs, that usually talk about the birth of Jesus, about love and peace.  And how could not miss, we have the figure of Santa Claus, popular in many countries, characterized as the good old man who distributes gifts to all the children on Christmas Eve.
The best Christmas I’ve ever been to, it was last year, when the whole family gathered and celebrated in a special way, because they knew that this year I would come to the United States and therefore I would not be with them at Christmas.
This year, Christmas will be very different for me and very exciting. Will be different because it will be the first Christmas that I spend away from my family and exciting because it’ll snow, and I always wanted to see the snow, making snowman and stuff which I could not do in Brazil.


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Science Without Borders

I have always wanted to study abroad, to increase my knowledge and experience other cultures. As we know, the United States is a leader in education and have some of the best engineering schools in the world.
The best news that I’ve ever received came by email from the International Institute of Education, saying that I had been approved for the “Science Without Borders”, a Brazilian Government program, which send students to countries all over the world for one year or more.
Since October 2013 I did my enrollment in the program and choose United States as my option. In December of the same year I did the Test of Foreign Language (TOEFL) and was approved, but only in May 2014 I received the email with the Terms of Appointment of West Virginia University, located in a small city called Morgantown, in West Virginia.
I did not know the WVU and I was a little upset at first, because I choose as my options universities nearby New York. But then I looked up about the university and the city, and I saw that it was an excellent university, and near some big cities like Pittsburgh and Washington DC.
I am here in Morgantown for almost two weeks and I am really excited for everything that I have seen until the moment.toa