My Summer In Morgantown

Best Week Ever ;)

This week could be the best week ever in Morgantown. Last seven days I experienced new things. When I went to Cheat Lake by the motorcycle, it just started to rain while I was riding on the highway. I got shocked because it was my first under the raining. A got so wet in order I didn’t wear any jackets. It was kind of dangerous to drive at 80 mph while it is raining but it was very interesting. The second best happened to me this week was today when I went with my friends to Coopers Rock in the morning to see the sunshine. So we didn’t sleep last night. It was the best view I have ever seen for the sunshine. Usually everybody goes to see the sunset as I did tow weeks ago. But I can tell that the sunshine view was much better. I recommend everyone to go and see. It is kind of difficult to go at that time. Almost everyone prefers to sleep at that time.


This week there is an idea started to come to my mind, which is trying to fly over Morgantown in small plane. I like the idea so much, and there is a plan to make it real very soon.


A lot is coming soon 🙂

Music in Morgantown

A lot of Japanese believe in no religious. I am also a person without religion. Therefore, I had never been to a church. On the other hand, my host family go to a church every weekend because they are Christians. I was eventually invited to a church by my host family. The church is small but neat and stylish. There are a lot of people, and a lot of chairs in front of stage. And there is a dram and piano on the stage. After a short time, some people, five women and one man, came to on the stage. Suddenly, they started to sing a song. I felt strong emotion then. What a beautiful voice of a singing is! And the dram and piano sounds are very comfortable for me. And unbelievably, the pianist was my host mother. I did not know that my host mother is wonderful pianist. The sing praised the Jesus Christ. I cannot understand the meaning of the song deeply. However, the hymn was extremely cozy for me. I could feel the American culture this day. I will stay in Morgantown for a long time, so I want to feel and learn American culture in Morgantown more and more.

Summer in Morgantown 3

Summer is one of four season in the year. I think it’s the best season for many people. Summer comes after spring season. In Morgantown summer is fine and good for people. Summer is good for all people in Morgantown because the weather is warm and all people can do many thing such as: swimming , playing soccer and tanning.

First of all, my summer in Morgantown is very existing and interesting. In Summer the most people are Arabs. Because american people always travel in summer to another states. I think they go to another states because this is the biggest holiday in the year. Secondly, I always in the morning going to IEP to study English. The IEP mean Intensive English Program. Thirdly, Rec center , I am always go to the Rec center to build my body and play many sports such us: climbing , swimming and table tennis. Finally, I always like to go to Chills restaurant in the dinner and eat many delicious food. In Morgantown we have many good restaurant.

I strongly believe that is Morgantown is an amazing place for study. it’s very quite place and good to make a relax and study. In my opinion WVU is one of the best university in the United States.

My Summer in Morgantown 3

One of the most seasons that people like is summer Specaily for student. Some of them returns to their country and some stay in morgantown to study. For me this summer is so special because world cup have been starting and everyday we are watching the matchs with friends in some one apartment. After that I go to the rec center with my friends.

First of all, what makes this summer perrety good is the world cup. After we finish our calsses in the iep we go to one of our friends apartment and gather their to see the matchs. The atmosphere is really awsome everyone is fighting for his team.  and we have a friend  who is a proffessional cocker. He makes the food every time and it is so perfect. After that, we go to the rec center to play some sports. The most sport that I like is soccer but we actually playes sqwash. I was a good player but lose my skills. I am trying to work hard to return my skills in this game.

In sum, to be honest summer in morgantown is so boring but my friends and i trying to plan for some now things. Also, we put this plan to have some new activities to do her.

Bicycle Trip

In my third paragraph about my last week in Morgantown, it was very difficult because I was preparing to take TOEFLE test, I was going to the library every day to study, it was very hard for me because I don’t like to study in library, I know it’s more useful but I don’t like it. When the day came I was very nervous because I would like to pass it or go to Gold B level but it was very difficult and I think I was preparing for nothing. After this horrible test, I went to the Rec center with my friends and i rented a bike,  and I went with cousin to a place called Twin Spruce Marina it was my first time seeing it, it’s so far from my home about 10 miles, it was very amazing but unfortunately I hurt my knee in the end.


my summer in morgantown 3

First of all,i told you before my name is yhyah taher.And I’m 18 years old.We all know that we have event in our life like funny events and terrible events.But in this time, i want to talk about my event in morgantown.And it was funny.

When i came in the first day in morgantown,i don’t know how can i talk with people.I thought with my self,that when i would talk then they will laugh because my English language is very weak.So in the first day i had a class at 10 p.m with my cousin.And that is the first class.To let you know that my cousin is better than me about the English language.So when we entered in the class.I said to my cousin sit after me please.Then he said why, i told him just sit.After that, my teacher asked my cousin that his name not in the list.After that  he can’t described her about his problem,so he just said I’m sorry then he left.Then she asked me what about you.I said sorry sorry me too me too lol.

My Summer In Morgantown (3)

I think i had explored enough Morgantown as it is just a small town, though it is a beautiful place. I’ve been here for about a month now and all i can say is that i like the surrounding here. I go to the classes by bus, and it is free as i have the student ID. Last weekend, me and my friends went to Indiana to attend a Malaysian games. All Malaysian in the US and Canada assembled together at the Indiana University and join the games that were held on that day. I felt so happy at that time because i have the opportunity to met so many Malaysian and we shared our experience  being in one of the states in US. On our way back here in Morgantown, we stopped at the Sandusky, Ohio because we already planned earlier to go to the amusement park there, called Cedar Point. It is an awesome amusement park i have ever went to; the ride was astonishing. We safely arrive in Morgantown at late night and thankfully we manage to get up in the morning for our classes. Usually, during the weekend, my sister and i will spent our time together at the recreational centre to play badminton. I was a bit shocked when i was told that the entrance is free if we have our student ID. There is badminton court, basketball court, swimming pool, climbing rocks wall, gym and much more. The facilities are provided too.

My Summer In Morgantown 3

As I mentioned in my last blog about my summer in Morgantown, My family came to visit us in this summer for few weeks. They brought for us some of the famous food from our country. For example, dates, arabic bread, and some spices. Because it is hard to find it in Morgantown. This is why they gave us the food. After two weeks Ramadan is coming. it is not my first time I  fast here in Morgantown. Last Ramadan was difficult because it was the first time to fast here. But this year is different for me because it is my second summer in Morgantown. I had more experience how to manage my time between my study and religion. It is not going to be easy but I will do my best to manage between both of them. I hope the future my fasting experience in Morgantown going to be more good and easy for me.

Coopers rock park.

Last weekend, me with my best friends went to the Coopers rock park, we had a good time gathering with each other and hanging out. When we just arrive it was sunny and warm, we picked up our stuff such as food, drinks, and all the stuff that we needed to prepare for relaxing and doing a BBQ lunch. So, we started to cook some hamburgers, hot dog, and chicken. We had the lunch and it was really delicious food especially the hamburger was the best thing, after we had the lunch we felt that we are full of food, so we decided to smoke hookah and chatting with each other, then we played soccer and because we was having fun and a good time we was absorbing and we didn’t look at the time because it was a weekend, but suddenly we found the sun started to raise, thus we started to clean our spot and prepare for leaving. Then we drove back to my apartment and we watched a movie and doing the same thing which is relaxing and hanging out with each other till midnight. Then, my friends left the apartment and each one went to their apartment. We had a really good time with each other and we plans to do it again because we loved the Coopers rock park!

My summer in Morgantown

Although Morgantown is one the smallest city in US, it is one of the most beautiful town in United State. I had a nice summer in Morgantown so far. I might have difficulties in weeks, because Ramadan is coming soon. I really enjoy my time here in Morgantown.

I went to Cheat Lake and we had enjoyable time there. Also, I went to Mountaineer Field. I had a great time. I attended two matches. I went to Museum of Geology and Natural History. I like museums and I spent two hours in that museum. Although the museum was small, it was very interesting. I have visited WVU Coliseum too.

Finally, I really like my summer in Morgantown, and I certainly want to stay here in Morgantown for the whole summer.