10 Year Plan

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Where do you want to be in 10 years?
How do you plan to get there?

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


I should give me some advices, before to answer that question. What would be those advices? Well, I think I’ll enlist five them:

Be honest with yourself. The worst part of growing up is that you need answer a lot of questions about the future and your life. What would you do in the next second? We live preoccupied for the future, but, how many times the present is in your thoughts? I mean, the marketing, the social structure even the economy system is build in the concern of the future. Why waste time not being honest with yourself? Be honest in the present day.

IMG_2562Being example for your students, friends, wife and family. Live every day with proud, is a statement if you want to understand the divine in yours. Every single day is an opportunity to show the world, that you’re the best part of this creation. Just trying to be an example for everyone. Enjoy the life, do your homework, respect the elders, love to learn, share and be humble and specially fail, and fail with honor.

Travel beyond your own limits. No matter what, just travel to many countries as you can reach. Take risks in your travels, travel without money once, travel to the Middle East once, travel to countries where nobody speak your language. Just travel, the main goal of doing this is just expand your wings to different universes.

Enjoy every single moments of life. It is a bad day? Enjoy it. Every single day must be delight as the last one.
Fail, every day and learn about your mistakes. Laugh at all your mistakes, your fails, your omissions and be proud of them. Never regret of yourself and your choices, because you’re who you’re and the best friend of you it’s yourself, no matter what happen.

Well, after these advices to myself, I probably have to answer the question: Where I want to be in 10 years? At first, I want to be alive and in good shape. Healthy and emotional stable with my wife and family.

Right now, I’m 31, and in this summer, many things have grown in my heart, for example, the desire of a baby, the desire to built a house, the desire to be a better person. In 10 year I’ll be around 41 years. What are my main goals?

  1. Having my own house. A beautiful, green and full of life house, with my wife and my baby (my girl).
  2. Having my own business. My dream is to have a research center to develop education and to reduce the digital divide in my country. Doing research in education, public policies and technology.
  3. Having a PhD. I’m studying english for one reason only and is demonstrate to myself that I can do everything that I can dream. My dream is share with my people in Mexico my knowledge and be an example to my people and demonstrate that with love and discipline you can build your dreams. I’ll love to study here in US or Canada.

How can I do it? How can I make these dreams real?

Just keep me on the track…and running

10 year plan.

As said my great grandmother ” if somebody dreams, he will not a bit to refuse yourself.” So my dream at fist is to study in American university of art and design and to have a very prestige job. Also I want my friends to be with me, especially my best friend. He is from Russia, and I miss him. Also I want to be my parents with me, in America. Now , they exactly sure with that they will not live with me in America. But I know exactly that if I ask my farther to come, he will come as fast as it possible. I love my farther, it is impossible to explain this emotions, but I want him to be very happy. My mother is amazing person, when my parents are spending there time together, I am always laughing. They are optimistic person. I love them more then my life.

My plan

First of all I want to talk about my plan in 10 years and what I want to be after this 10 years .my plan is to be a business man and i hope to do all things that going to help to get there. All people have a dream in their life but the main point is how we can reach to our dreams in the future .The first step to my plan is to start working hard and trying to do as much as you can with your work.The second step is to be a hard worker and used to be a hard worker because you want to be a business man and this is what business man should do .The third steep is to never give up and to patience with your work.The forth steep is to have a good view for the future and always think out of the box because you want to be a business man.The fifth and the last steep is to be a good person and kind with all people so when you need any help from any one they will always trying to help you with it.All in all people can reach to their goals but they have to work hard and be an optimistic people in this life.

10 years plan

first of all, one day when i was sitting with myself and think about my life i thought about am i in a right way. so, i asked myself several questions and i put plan for myself. In that day i said to myself that i will be a successful person and i will have my own life. Therefor, i decided to be married after 5 years from now because i think after 5 years i will be in perfect age to married. Not just for my own life but also i thought about my children after i become married for that i thought to have a strong job in one of the biggest company in the Saudi Arabia and have a high salary. For all of that i decided when i become 27 years old that’s ten years from now to complete my study  in USA to get a degree higher than that i have on that time because i found USA as perfect country to live in. But the main reason that will make live in USA is my children because i do not want them to be like their father and become weak in english because it is the most important language to study so when i live in USA and make them study in school with young age i think they will become as good as native speakers for this global language.

10 year plan

Hi! I’m Eyad  Alhalabi, I’m from Syria, I’m nineteen years old. I hope after ten years to be the most important mechanical engineer in the UAE and have a company with hundreds of employees working with me, and become a rich man. I’m going to talk about my plan during those ten years. I graduated from high school with very good grades. It was very hard, I strived towards success. Now I’m in the USA because it’s hard and dangerous to complete my studying in my country, because of the war.  I have been here in USA for about six months to improve my English and get into WVU. My major will be mechanical engineering. I’m going to study for five years in WVU, after that I will study business for two years. Then I will search for a job in America to improve my experience and get training to work in a company. So I will study In USA for nearly seven years. Then I will travel to the UAE and apply for a job in any company. If I expect a company to accept me, I have to have a lot of experience and speak at least two languages, and be perfect in my major. Meaning, I have to work before, so I don’t want to be a junior engineer. I will work for about two more years. After that I’m going to get married and after one year I want to have two children. I will still work until I get enough of experience so that I can open my own company and hire many employees. In addition, after ten years I want to work with trade alongside my work in engineering. For example import and export wood or gold or anything other goods.

10 years plan

After 10 years i want become a surgery doctor so i can help who are in pain and who does suffer. My uncle is a doctor and when i was 7 years old he used to take me with him to the hospital. I was enjoying my time there every time. Seeing doctors treating people and patients make me happy. I really understood the meaning of a noble job. When you help a human and treat what he suffer from will make him happy and will make you also. In my school every time a teacher ask us what do you want to be when you get older, i always answer first saying i want to be a doctor. Everyone in my class knew and sometimes teacher call me doctor after they saw the spirt i have for being a doctor. One of my best teacher told some words i won’t forget in my whole life, he told ” follow your dream don’t ever think to give up and always keep in mind that you are going to work a very noble job and the way for getting there is to study and understand what you are studying” i will always remember these words and i know how to get there by studying and by not giving up. Being a doctor will be a hard thing but following a dream will be something interesting to do and helping people and making them happy will a good job for you and for your community.

My Plan

The first thing I want to complete my education and evolve in my major. I want to be a specialist in Speech Pathology and audiology and I want to be an active person in my family and my community. I can improve my plan for future through study, diligence, gain experience, continuous training, consulting specialist’s people and success in my work and my specialty and avail my community and my country. During the ten years of life will change my plan constantly to the better. Every day it will open a new options for the future. Life would change and I will know new people, new technologies will appear, and new jobs it might change some of my priority. But I will stay in my primary plan. I would be a good observer of what is so new I develop my skills and my success remains constant and will not compromise when it comes to my work and my success in the professional field even kept at the top of my dreams and edit a. And also I will work to help the community and volunteer in any field of humanitarian needs my experience and my career because the humanitarian service of the noblest professions and will be under the terms of my plan. I would be a good observer of what is new to develop my skills and my success constant. I will not be negligent when it comes to my work and my success in the professional field to keep at the top of my dreams. And also I will work to help the community and volunteer in any field of humanitarian who needs my experience and my career because the humanitarian service is one of the noblest professions and will be one of the terms of my plans.



“Where do you want to be in 10 years?” This is an interesting question that make us think about our future and dreams. First, I would like to talk a little about dreams, without it our lives don’t have meaning, our days don’t have motivation and we don’t have that shine in our eyes. I really hope that in 10 years all my dreams can be true, and the new dreams that will still grow inside me, can be true too. My wishes for life aren’t so different from most people: to be happy. Like every woman, I want to constitute a beautiful family and be happy in love, but I also want to have success in professional life, I hope in 10 years I can have a good job, be financially stable and I hope my work can help people feeling better about themselves and make their lives better. I also have a dream that started becoming true at this moment of my life, to travel around the world, to know many countries and many cultures and always make new friends. Finally, I really hope I can follow all my dreams and make them come true and not stay waiting on things to happen.

MY Future

Every successful person has his goals in his life. Actually I hope if I will become one of those persons because I’m trying to put my long goals and short goals. First of all, I’m 19 years old I have came to USA for six months. I didn’t come by accident; I came to here after a long think and plan. So when I was 16 years old I put my short goals to arrive to the long once. I planned to improve my English language before I came to here as much as I can. After that I came to here and my language was better than before. Now I’m studying English in IEP I will graduate in August then I will get into West Virginia University. I’m going to study Mechanical Engineer. After that I’m planned to get a business Certificate it will help me in my work. Then I will work in USA for two years to get some experience. Because my main goal is working for my uncle in UAE, he has a big company there so that I chose this major. At last I will work maybe one year before marriage to save some money and buy a car and house.

Where I will be in ten years ?

It is a hard question to answer actually. Because no know what or where he will be. But we can try and work hard to be what we want to be. I want to be chemical engineering and work in Aramco Company it is one of the biggest companies in Middle East and the largest one in Saudi Arabia. In ten years I do not want to be a normal engineer I want to be a department chief. This is what I want to be in ten years. Now I am at the first steps I am still learning English, fall 2014 will be my last semester in in the English program. Spring 2015 will be my first semester in WVU at this time the hard work start. Because in the university there will a lot of hard work like projects, writing essays and researches, tests and presentations harder than what I had in English program. I will work hard to get A in the all classes; I will do my best and push myself to the limits. Because after this hard work I will be resting for whole my life. Aramco Company always wants the best. I need my grade to be at less 3.5 out of 4 and to get 3.5 and above I need to work hard. It is all about working hard, everyone should work hard to get what he want