Siying Zhang

What type of government system is the best and why

I think democratic government system is the best. There are several reasons to support my opinion. At first,democracy is the best way to get rid of violence. For example,People can decide public affairs by voting,which makes things simpler and more efficient.what’s more,it’s fair to everyone and most of people can realize their ideas.The opposition is the minority,even though they want to use  violence ,the harm they cause will be small.Secondly,compared to autocratic government ,  democratic  government is a better protection of personal freedom.Within the limits laid down by law,people can enjoy their freedom and do whatever they want.In a democratic government system,people are not to be ruled,but become the master of the country. Thirdly, democratic government gives common people more chances to participate in social public affairs and encourage people to put forward more suggestion about social affairs .It’s beneficial to social progress and  increase people’s participation enthusiasm.Last but not least,In this system, everyone in the country have the same right and they are treated fairly.No one has supreme power.

Of course,nothing is perfect.Democratic government system also has some shortcomings.But what we should do is to revamp it,complete it ,But not give it up.After all,Democratic government’s shortcomings can be avoided,but the advantage can’t be replaced by other government system.

Ten year plan

I want to be in the England in ten years. Because of the distance from my country and the different language .what I should do now is to earn a lot of money and practice  my spoken English .firstly,I should study hard so that I can get a good job after graduating from school. It can make sure that I will have enough money to go to the England and live there for a time.Secondly , in order to communicate with the residents there well,I should take part in a language class and practice my oral English as often as I can.Last but not least,I should make a more specific plan about when and how to do these things.A plan in detail can help me achieve the dream length by length.what’s more,it will not let me waste  time to do something unimportant .