Amanda Ferreira Mora


I really don’t know so much about government. That is something that I really should study more about, because it defines how my country and other countries are comanded. Because of what I grew up seeing, I think that the best government type is the Democracy,the one that is implemented my country (Brazil). In this type of government, the power is supposed to be in the people’s hands, once the is the population who decides the person who will be in charge for a given time by votin.

The first country that this type of government were implanted was the Greece. This way, the word Democracy has a greek origin: Demon (that means people) and kratos (which means power). The most common sistem of this government is that with a president, the most representative person of the country’s people.

This way, because people chose the president, gorvernor and other commanders, they have the right to require the improvements that they promised in the election. The function of the democracy is to defend the human rights and also gives the population some duties.

Are 10 years a really long time?

Time is completely relative. When I was a child, one year seemed to me an eternity. Nowadays, I can’t see it pass, as fast as it is. This way, thinking in where I want to be in 10 years, I may be dreaming too much because, in just a glance, it will already be passed so many time and if i don’t take advantages of the opportunities, it can be too late for me to get where I really wanted.

First of all, my primary goal is to be in a really good job, and I’m working on it. I mean, I’m here at the United States now to improve my knowledge, my personal experience and my English, and that is supposed to be recognized when I go to look for a job. As a good job I hope it to be a good place, specially a recognized hospital , but I don’t know if in Brazil… My real wish was it to be in a country like the United States, Canada or Spain (I’ve also been studying Spanish so I can have more chances).  In addition to it, of course I want to be receiving money enough to have a comfortable life and also can travel at least once a year (travelling is my favorite hobbie).

In addition to this, I also want to be married in ten years. But I really don’t believe in that, because I’m really indecisive, so for me to accept marrying someone, I think it will be a little hard because I will never be sure if that it is the perfect choice.

Married or not, I’m absolutely sure I will be planning my pregnancy in ten years. My biggest desire in all my life is to be a mother, more than anything else. So, if I be married, ok, but if I`m not married at that time, I will be looking for a place to make an artificial insemination, because I really want to have my own baby and I’ll be 32 years old, and, in my oppinion, that is the perfect age to be a mom.


And that is it…  And I really hope that become truth!