Kelvin Gama Guimaroes

The best type of government

There are some types of government like monarchy, authoritarianism and democracy and all this types have some good and bad aspects about, however I think the best type of government is still democracy that means power to the people or in some cases decision takes by the most part of population. At Brazil during almost 25 years the government was a dictatorship and although good things were made by govern, Brazilian people suffered a lot in this period mainly the young people, who wanted freedom and went to streets to change the country. In the beginning of Brazil history, the government was a monarchy and it did not work so well because some particular problems with the king. Since this period of dictatorship the democracy returned and nowadays the president system is working well, the ideals of democracy are great, give power to people is beautiful but the biggest problem are the politicians, who are so corrupts and that is a huge problem because the politicians steal public money while the health and education systems are getting worst with pass of the days. However democracy is better than other types of government, because as a citizen you can vote in who you want and if you disagree you have the liberty of expression to make some protest and change the situation, for me the only problem it is corruption and a solution for this could be stricter laws and equal rights and duties for everyone rich or poor, mayor or janitor.

Ten Year Plan by Kelvin Gama

Well, in the years I want to be safe but I am not talking about safety but about stability in terms of job. My plans for ten years consists in studies, I intend to finish my Chemical Engineering Course and maybe try to get a degree as master or doctor with the objective to improve my curriculum vitae and get a consistent and great job. Inside Chemical Engineering I want to improve my knowledge about renewable energy so that is the area that I would like to work.

After get a stable job, I can think about have family to get married and to be father are goals that I want to reach, but I am not sure if I can reach ten years after 2014. However, the first step I have done, now with a job I will earn some money and after I think to have my own business about energy. So, my ten years later plan consisted in a few words: studies, knowledge, great job, own business and family. In my opinion the most important step is the first (studies) because from there you can develop yourself as student and as person too. After a first successful step, you go on in your “ladder goals” in a better way always targeting the top of your ladder and the top of my ladder goals will be a good life for me and my family.