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name : Ayed al ahbabi

gold A2

The first time used a blog site, initially found it difficult and complicated because it was something new. But when you got used to it and found it useful and a great thing to read what your friends write of subjects interesting and enjoyable. Also, I love to go back to see my entry.  blog has a lot of benefits that we learn how to get more ideas. Also, that we can learn how to write in a timely manner. I am very happy because I can, now  that use blogs correctly, because I think that the writing in the blog are a great and enjoyable.


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  1. Mohammad AlHajri

    I agree with you Ayed, I think all of us found it hard at the beginning but now it’s quite simple, also I like it when you said I go back to see my entry because that’s a purpose of the blog. Good luck Ayed.


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