Mini Me

Mini Me, its a robot that does everything for you! And you give it a name and it comes to you.

1- It cleans the house.

2-Does the laundry.

3-Do the dishes.

4- It even does your home work.

You don’t need to charge it, you can write what you need it to do on the screen in its back. It comes in any language. It can also take pictures, it can remind you about your schedule of the day.

Mini Me is easy to use and it will make your life easier.

The warranty on it NEVER ends

Its Just for 99.99 WOW!

Its available at Abu Aljaish stores. Go to your nearest branch.

  0531800000  For Any Questions.


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  1. Jaffar Almajed

    Dear Abu Aljaish’s,

    I would like to give you a comment about your product the Mini Me. I bought and order it online directly when I saw the advertisement, and it’s such an awesome and very helpful thing.

    I’m thankful for the company who made it and I will recommend my friends and family to buy it. I give it 4 out of 5 because since I bought it I became a lazy boy, BUT it’s worth the price!!!


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