The singles’ dream



Every single person dream with their independence and their own place, it’s always a great opportunity to receive friends and be away from everything that is stressful in this world. The news apartment from the Downtown Building have one bedroom, a very practical kitchen integrated with the living room and a increrable view from the porch, this place can also be used as dinner room if the weather is favorable. This place, the single dream is a pefect apartament that fits inside of orcament. Call to ours broker and they will help you to find the best plan to you realized your first dream.

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  1. Rurik

    I have been living in the Singles’ Dream apartment complex for three months. I must say that I really appreciate the space and independence the residents have. It has been a lot of fun living here.
    However, I regret to tell you that I have to move out! Three months and I’m tired of being all alone. When they advertise that this apartment is a great opportunity to be away from everything, they aren’t lying! I can’t stand being so lonely anymore, so I have to move to a more crowded place.
    2.5/5 stars.



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