after 10 years

Every buddy in the earth want to be in a good place in there job and life. To be in a good place you must work in your life. That what I am working for to be in a good place after ten years. I’m studying in the university in USA Morgantown to be an petroleum engineer in my country. And that will take from me 5 years. And after I get my major, I will go bake to my country

and try to get a gob in KOC it is the petroleum company in my country. And that step one and it is the big step to be in a good engineering. And after I get the gob i will try to work hard to get a promotion in three year. And that step two to be an important engineer in the company. And after that i hop to get in a big project that it will help me to be and a good and important engineering in the company just like my uncles and my grandfather’s from my father and from my mother. And in the same time i want to build my own family and my own house and I want to be a good father. That what I hop to be after ten year and this is my plan to be an a good engineering and a good father. And like my father said to me if you work hard you will get every thing you want.

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