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TEMPJACKET, the jacket regulated according to your body temperature. You will never want to know about another clothing anymore. With this jacket,created by our top 5 designers, you can go out anywhere without worrying if you will feel heat or cold. As the day goes on, the temperature can change a lot, and this causes many disorders, especially for those who leaves their homes at morning and just returns at night, because they never really knows what to wear. and have to take a extra clothe with them, which occupies more space in their bags. But your problems are over with the TEMPJACKET. It has an internal sensor coupled with a thermometer that is automatically adjusted according to your body heat waves. Available in 5 colors and various sizes for sure you will find the ideal one for your body and style. Plus, you can throw in the washing machine without damage, just removing the sensor. Go to a store nearest accredited or ask your internet site by www.tempjacket.com. Keep comfortable without no worries.




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  1. Guilherme Maia Ribeiro Viana


    I bought the release TempJacket. I really liked this jacket, but after my 3rd washing, the ink started to fade.

    I really talk to everybody how this changed my life. Here in Morgantown, I needed to put a lot of clothes to not get freeze, but now, just this jacket can keep me warm for all day long. In this aspect, you definitely deserve 5 stars.

    I hope that you solve my problem sending me another jacket.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Maia


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