Freedom and maturity work together

Freedom is necessary, however, it’s necessary to impose limits because too much of everything is not beneficial. Being overprotective with children can impair the development of children. It is necessary to allow children to have experiences for themselves, and so they are able to stimulate their skills and find out what is right and what is wrong. This does not mean letting them do what they want, when they want. Parents should allow children to give their opinions, but might know the time to say “no”, not only accept something that teenagers want, when the motivation is just maintain good socializing at home. On the other hand, teenagers should be able to hear “no” and take advice from their parents because they have gone through everything the teenagers are going through, so they already are experienced and know what is best for their children.
I believe that teenagers should, rather, have your own privacy, but it does not mean that they should not give any satisfaction to the parents, after all, they are still dependent on their parents for everything.
The big problem with this stage of life is that everything must be done responsibly, because winning the freedom of parents can be easy, but act immaturely and lose their trust, it is even more.



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