The strangest thing

Hello everyone..

Actually i have not seen a ghost or UFO also i have never heard any experiences for anybody for our family, but my grandfather told me and my cousins about story happened when he moved on a new city with his family because his boss insisted to move him to another city , thus he lived in a new neighborhood, and new neighbors and unfortunately he was not knowing anybody , there were not any friends relatives, so everything was new for him and his family. Unfortunately he bought house beside someone else and my grandfather said he has not seen a stranger neighbor like him, my grandfather noticed something someday in the midnight he heard strange voices in his neighbor’s house but there was not anybody living there !!. Then that thing has been doing for a month , then my grandfather and his family became afraid of their neighbor, and someday in the morning my grandfather went to police station to tell them there is something strange happing every night in that house, and after intensive investigations about the house. After some weeks after special investigations , police attacked the house and they found out people belong to Satanic group there was evoking demons and they get arrested after all these things my grandfather to his old city.

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