The Headless Mule

The headless mule is a legend of Brazilian folklore, originated in the colonial era, which says that if a woman keep a loving relationship with a priest, she would be transformed into a monster: a mule, brown or black, which has in its hooves horseshoes which can be of steel or silver and has fire instead of head.

It is believed that the legend was originated in Catholic populations while the priest should be seen as a saint. Therefore, any woman who had a desire for him would receive that curse.

Some people swear they have seen and heard the creature and said its neighing is too high that can be heard from far and sometimes can moan like a crying woman.

According to the legend, the cursed woman becomes a mule on Thursday night to Friday, mainly when it is Full Moon. And there are two ways to break the curse: boot the halter she owns or stick it, taking at least one drop of your blood.

There is no evidence or proof of the headless mule’s existence, just reports, but we can’t just ignore this mystery that is well known through the whole country and has similar myths in the surrounding Hispanic countries.


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