a terrible day

First of all, last year i had a small vacation,it between 5 to 10 days.In the beginning,I met with my friends to let my friends that we must go their at 5 p.m.When we finish meeting that every one went home to complete them things and worked to be ready to go.After that we went out at 5 p.m,we had fun on the trip.after arrived, we camping in the special place that every one didn’t know us.At midnight we feel that we were hungry,so i told my friends that we need some wood to make a fire,so they said that I must do this job and I accept that.Then when i went out i felt a cold weather, and all of place was very dark and frightening.I felt some frequency about that but i told my self that i must do my job.After that,when i went so far from located of my friend,i heard some one that he called my name but i completed my road to collect the wood.When i collect some wood,i saw some one very frightening that he was not from humanity,and it said i would kill you but i was very lucky because one of my friends came to me that he wanted to help me.So it was disappear.

This is one of my terrible day in my life.

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