Life Mysteries

There was this one time when I went to an island near Kuwait called ‘Failaka’. I went with my friends, as it was my first experience going outside of the country without my family. We had a lot of fun with the buggies and jet skis, but there was something that I’ve never seen before. One day, I and my friends decided to go to an old school that had no one in it. As soon as I walked in, my friend heard a noise that none of us noticed, and he began to worry. As he turned back to reach for the door, it closed. Now, we realized that there was something out of the ordinary with this school. We weren’t sure about what to do next, so we just carried on. Soon, we began to hear glass breaking, along with occasional screams. The screams sounded as if children were screaming, rather than adults. This was too much for us to handle, so we found the nearest window and jumped off the first floor. We never came near to that school ever again, as it was the most terrifying experience any of us had ever had. This story was told by my friend it may not true.

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