The hidden cell-phone

I would like to share with you a funny mysterious experience that happened to me back home in Saudi Arabia before I came to the United states. First, I was driving my car and checking my cell phone at the same time, so I decided to leave my phone till I arrive to my destination and focus with the road. After that, I stopped at signal light and  I looked for my phone but I didn’t see it, so I just kept driving when the signal turned green and I was saying to my self, it should be somewhere under the seats and I had a strange feeling at the same time like I will never find it. Next, the astonishing thing that when I arrived, I started to look for it under and between the seats but I didn’t see it. I became upset and nervous because I was wondering where would my cell phone gone since I was alone inside the car and I didn’t stop on any place but  the destination that I was going for. Finally, the next day after the weird missing for my cell phone I decided to take my car to a garage and ask them to take out all the car seats so I can see it. I was expecting to see it but the strange thing that I never seen it till today and I paid for the garage for nothing.

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