my horror story

Around the world there is a lot of horror stores. I would like to talk about my Experiences with the ghost that I saw back home. Three years ago I was going out with my family to our farm, then when we arrived to the farm I felt like there is something walking by my side in the farm, I went to tell my parents that I think that was a ghost walking behind me, they laugh at me because they think that I’m lying, but I was not lying I felt the ghost. Next day in the farm I woke up early in morning and I went to feed the animals and I swear I felt him again siting next to me. I stopped feeding the animals and I run back to my family. In the night of the day I was walking in the farm with my cousin, and we heard a sound from far a way saying words I don’t understand, and suddenly I saw something In front me again but this time I want to see who’s there, so I followed the sound till I saw something really scared a lot of sounds and a lot of things moving, I got scared and I run back, this was my horror story.

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