Dark Night

In this life there are many mysterious things happen with the humans, I think this things happen because of Jinn, I believes there is jinn in this life. I had a mysterious thing happen with me, my father has a big farm with villa in rural area there is no one around us just a scary wild. One night I was there with my family, it was very dark night even you cannot see your nose without light. My sister was playing with her cousins, she was nineteen years old. When she was playing I heard her screaming I went to her and I saw her face, it was “yellow like a lemon” I asked her what happened but she didn’t answer me and I asked my cousins and they said someone knocked the door and said to her open the door and when she opened the door she didn’t see anyone. While my sister was screaming my dogs was barking very hard, I opened the door and I didn’t find anyone and my father go out with his gun and shouted many times in the air without now who is there. This was my mysterious story in my life even know we didn’t know if my sister was fancied if it was real.

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