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Dear teachers,


Hi teachers I hope that you are fine. Today I am writing to you this message about my problem in Morgantown. I think all people in Morgantown or in another city or town are having some problem. This is the life. My problem in Morgantown that the IEP spend a lot of time everyday. In Morgantown we have REC center and the REC center in summer close at 9 o’clock. I can’t go to the REC center because I don’t have anytime. Everyday I have a lot of homework to do. In Morgantown we don’t have many activities to do only the REC center and I can’t go because I need to take a rest and I have many homework and quiz everyday. I can’t do any type of sport. I have another problem In Morgantown but it’s not WVU. The gas is too expensive and my car spends a lot of gas. The gas price in Morgantown some time reaches 4 USD. On the other hand in my country the gas cheaper than the bottle of water. The last problem that I face in Morgantown there is a lot of holes in the roads. They need to fix it. This problem disturbs many people and In Morgantown there is a road is very bad and the American people write in the road fix me. If you solve all of this problems that will be awesome.


Best wishes,

Ali Buabbas

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  1. Suliman AlRadhi

    Hi Ali,
    I agree with you about the big amount of homework but Mr. Rurik told us that because it is an intensive program and summer is shorter than the rest of seasons.


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