Beauty in USA

There are many types and kinds of different cultures around the world. Each of those cultures defines the beauty in their own way or style. In this specific subject I will talk about how the beauty is defined in the United States of America.

First, I will talk about the girls in the US and how they try to make them selves beautiful to attract attention in the public places. There are many kinds of girls think that the beauty must be to wear something over or to put over makeup but that is not the meaning of beauty, such as many girls in the United States are putting over makeup even in the morning and also some of them wear very high heals that they can’t even walk with it. On the other hand there are also girls that know about the style and they wear very nice clothes, such as short skirts in the summer or some bright colored clothes that attract attention to them. Also most of them are painting their hairs with nice colors.

Second, are the boys in this country. The boys are not that quit good with the fashion but they are trying their best there and one of the main styles that boys love in the US is the skateboarders style, such as wearing a snap packs on their heads and a skinny jeans with skateboard shoes. Also some of them wears some earrings and putting tattoes all over their bodies.

In the end, every country has its own definition of beauty and sometimes that could be pretends on their culture too, because as I said at the first there are many and different cultures in the world.

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