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The man from the forest

In Brazil we have a legend about an indian called Curupira. This legend is stronger at the country regions of Brazil. The history says that Curupira leaves at the forest of Brazil. He looks like a little guy with a red head (looks like it’s on fire) and his feet are turned to behind, because of that the people have difficulties to find him. He is like a protector of the nature, his principal duty is protect the trees, flowers and the animals from the forest. To make fear to hunters and lumberjacks he can make loudly noises and do illusions to scare those people. Besides have the feet turn to back he can run in an amazing speed and that it’s another reason to the people and hunters can’t find him. The legend says that he loves to rest in the shadow of trees. One thing he likes to do is to enchant the children and take them to live with him in the forest, after he teaches the secrets of the forest he give the children back to their home after seven years. We don’t have any good clue of Curupira existence but stories always have a little bit of true.

My Experiences with mystries

Every country have a mysterious story some of them believe in ghost some others believe a ufo. In my i have not seen a ghost or ufo however,  i believe that they are present an our live and our imagination but they have a separate life. In my country a lot of people got hunted by ghosted and most of them went to a monk man to get therapy but some others believe that it is just mental disease and they go to doctor. By the way, when i was kid my mother scare me to let me sleep she told me that there is a ghost paunch kids who make trappable in his life but when i grow up i realize that it was a fake and funny.

My Life’s Mysteries

When I was a child, I was a really frightened boy. If I saw a zombie in a video game, I would think about it all the night. I couldn’t sleep alone at home, and would never stay a long time in the darkness. I remember that any movie or documentary was really scary if they were based in real facts – but I was curious and always looked for something like that. So every time I was imagining horrifying things when actually they were ordinary, like seeing monster in shadows or feel worried in a quiet night. But I didn’t have any prove or evidence to sustain all my fear of being abducted or possessed.

As far as ever happened to me was several times have had the feeling of being watched, feeling of oppression, heard voices and strange noises, but today I think it was a figment of my imagination. I do not think there are any monsters or ghosts themselves, but I know that exist evil spirits and demons, as there is God who is much more powerful than that.

But in my teenage I needed to pass some weekends alone and learned to not be afraid of everything. In the beginning every weird noise was a reason to be awake all night, but bit by bit I was getting used and becoming very skeptic.

Mysteries of life

About 3 years ago my father fell from a ladder and had a faint. People who was around called an ambulance and took him to the hospital. He was okay, but then my father reported that all the time he was faint and unconscious, he could see everything happening from above, like he was out of his body. He does not like to talk about it, but I really believe that whenever there is a link between this world and some other supernatural. I believe in reincarnation and that people are always looking to evolve from one life to another. Many people report unusual experiences, and it is very common to hear people saying “It seems like I know you from another life.” and I think it is really possible. Life is surrounded by several mysteries, and I would like to understand a little more about it, so I want to learn more about spiritualism. But the truth is that nobody knows everything that is around us, and life, especially other lives after this, it is an eternal mystery.

Life’s Mysteries

10 years ago، I always play with my friends in front of the house. There was an old house close to my house. One day I was playing with my friends near the old house. My friend suddenly heard a voice emanating from the old house. I told him, “There is nothing do not be afraid.” Again, we heard another voice we ran and moved the news for all. So that the old house has a ghost, but did not anyone believes us. Then, I and my friend Ahmed went at night and we are afraid and trembling we entered into the house. When we entered the house, all of a sudden I saw a man wearing a black dress color and said, “Go ye, or ye die.” I said to him, “Why are you here.” He said, “You are what you doing here, come on, Go quickly.” Suddenly,   the man began Burning. Then disappeared completely and we went to our homes afraid. Over the years, this is no longer the old house exists because it has been torn down.


The amazing Electricity

A lot of people says, I can not imagine the life without my cell phone, TV, internet, mp3 player, video games, and a lot different electronic devices. But does anyone noticed that if we weren’t have an electricity we wouldn’t be able to use any of those electronic devices? In these days we all can see and knows that every single person in our life can’t spend a whole day without using an electronic device, even in schools the classrooms has a technologist options such as, computers and projectors. Young and old people use and electronic devices everyday without noticing that it’s all because of the electricity, without electricity we couldn’t spend our day in schools, works as normal as we have it. If we were without electricity, we wouldn’t have air-conditioner, heaters, we wouldn’t watch TV everyday, we wouldn’t do our jobs and home works such as writing blogs in internet, we wouldn’t make a phone calls because our cell phones would be died and out of battery, we wouldn’t drink a cold drinks because the fridges would be out of service too. we all should be so thankful for such a great gift that called Electricity. If there was not an electricity, I wouldn’t be who I’m today.

A world without internet

There are a lot of things that I like to much, but I think that be without internet would make me crazy, that why I think that today the internet is my favorite thing of the world  and I could not live without that. By the internet is possible to keep in touch with a lot of people that is living away from me and is possible to solve a lot of problems using this resource. I keep thinking how would be the world without internet, if the government prohibit that. I think a alternative system would be create and only certainly people would have access , it’d be a very different world and everything would be very difficult. I would take some way to  have access to that system, maybe I’d pay to black market to have access to a system next to what we have nowadays. But actually I think that if the internet comes prohibit it would not be very functional to have access to a ilegal one because at moment that the access is difficult the communication would have only one way and it’d not work. But luckily a world without internet would be almost impossible to happen because it’d be a big regress.




First of all,the first important thing in my life is football.It is a half of my life,because when you love football then you can’t leave it what ever the causes.Also when you love football you will live in another life that make you feel happy and more exciting,with football you will feel happy, with football you will feel some courage.So i would like to talk about my football that it changes my life.

First thing, when i was a child i have a lot of problems in my life specially from my family that they always fight with each other,and i always cry and i felt sad when they do that.So that make me feel when i have a bad dream.On the other hand.all of my days just crying and sad about my family.But i decided to look forward,for instance,exercise my hobby.And the first hobby in my life is football.And this moment,i didn’t care about my family that just make me feel sad,so just i play football that make me feel very happy and i  feel it is my life.I always plays football every day that changed my life to better.Also when i see my family had a problem, i just go out side and play football that changed my mood from sad to happy.

So, in conclusion,I think when some one have a special thing in his life,that it will change his life to better,it might being him happy in his life.

The Information Age

Technology has become part of our lives. Today we live in the information age and all that surrounds us, as commerce, education and politics, depends on technology and an efficient communication. I think the thing I would miss most, and not only me, but the modernized society as a whole, would be the internet.
To talk with friends or family, make a purchase, find an address or make a bank transfer, the internet becomes a facilitator of daily life. Of course there was life before the Internet, but people were not used to the easiness and they had other methods that, at that time would be sufficient and efficient. However, “end up” with the internet or makes it illegal nowadays would be disastrous, as we become dependent on it for numerous things.
Our reality is the communication. The absence of an efficient method of exchanging information between different sectors of society, would be a huge barrier, for example, for the economy, because with globalization, the whole world is in constant contact.
Anyway, for me, the thing I would have greatest difficulty would be to live without the internet. Through it ​​I am always in touch with my friends and family, especially now that I am a month away from home and will stay one more year.


my phone

If my favorite thing in the world were outlawed, how would I cope!  I can’t even imagine how I can live with out my phone! How I can live without contact my friends by phone! I think that I will have tough life without my phone. Right now my friend is my phone. When I feel bored, I use my phone. I have a lot of video games in my phone, so I play by them. Also I have a lot of social media’s programs such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and keak, kik, snapchat. And we chat. I can by these programs contact with the world. I can know new news in the world and t’s going on it.  Im far away from my family. So everyday I contact with them by these programs. If I don’t have it. I get to visit my family each semester because I will feel homesick. Im so close from my family. The people in the world will get hard time to communicate with each others with out the phones. They will need to connect by computer. And as al we know it’s hard to move the computer with you because it’a so big. But the phone has a great size to carry with you.